Building Blocks

Hello friends and welcome to the launch of ABC Training Center’s new blog:  Building Blocks. My name is Dave Herwitz and I am the Director of Admissions at ABC Training Center in the Bronx.  My hope is that this blog becomes a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings on all things related to the medical career field, job training and employment.

Over the course of the past few years, we have all witnessed the worst of the recession.  Anyone would be hard pressed to find someone – ANYONE – who has not been affected in some way by the current state of affairs in our country.  Meanwhile, many pundits are declaring the recession “over”.  But is it really over?  There are some signs I suppose.  But at the same time, gas prices are at a yearly high as I write this and the latest employment figures show only a very slight improvement.  Sadly, I personally know of way too many good people who were victims of the downturn and have suffered through loss of employment, corporate restructuring, downsizing – or any other term that is meant to sugarcoat a job loss.

I do, however, take solace in the fact that over that same course of time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our students who have come through our career training programs and subsequently managed to land well paying, stable jobs.  The key word here is “stable”.  You see, no matter what the state of the economy, medical careers are some of only a handful of jobs that are virtually recession proof.  Real estate? -Terribly unstable.  IT jobs? – Outsourced to Asia.  Manufacturing and construction? – No chance in a bad economy.  Retail? – Ask the folks at Circuit City and Borders Book Stores about how stable their jobs are.  Banking and Finance?  Last time I checked they actually were one of the major causes of this recession.

Now ask someone who is a Home Health Aide or a Medical Coder and Biller about their chances of future employment.  Take a look at job sites or look at the US Dept. of Labor websites and look at the job outlook for Allied Health jobs.  Quite a difference.  Just look at the facts.  We are an aging population.  Obesity is at an all-time high.  We’re constantly dealing with increased levels of stress.  This all translates into an increased need for medical services and programs all over the country.  And an increase in the demand for medical related careers is the direct result.

This is your opportunity.

This is your opportunity to arm yourself with skills and knowledge that will put you ahead of most.  So go ahead.  Get angry.  Make yourself better.  Obtain new skills and make yourself “job-ready.”  Do whatever it takes to kick this recession in the rear end.  Your attitude must be one of defiance in the face of not only this economic downturn but of future ones as well.  So repeat after me: “I will not participate in this recession…I will not participate in this recession…I will not participate in this recession…”

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