Certifications That Are Surefire Resume Boosters

“Do you have any experience?” The answer to that question used to be the most important factor when potential employers were considering the qualifications of an applicant. There was a more distinct line between jobs and careers, one type of employment that required a college degree and the other one that required experience that anyone just starting out wasn’t going to have.

Today, while there are still many positions that don’t require a college degree, some are still considered “professions,” and the people doing the hiring are looking a lot harder at applicants who have one or more certifications on their resume.

ABC Training Center offers courses to train and prepare to take certification exams in a number of areas. The exams can also be taken on-site. Some of the opportunities we offer include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy and EKG
  • Home Health Aide
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Pharmacy Technician

Certifications appeal to employers because they let them know that they have the knowledge and skills to fill a professional position beyond what many applicants are likely to obtain through firsthand experience.

Benefits to Applicants

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than facing a potential employer and trying to sell yourself and your capabilities to do the job for them. Certification not only tells them that you have already accomplished a great deal of learning, but that you will be more prepared to start learning the specifics of the job once you are hired. Certification can take the stress out of interviewing by giving potential employers a positive first impression and instilling the confidence in you that you need to back it up.

Certifications in the medical field are especially beneficial for helping you get your foot in the door. All types of medical facilities are required to meet standards and perform according to state and federal laws. Those facilities that hire certified employees are adding to the credibility of their practice. Your certifications give you credibility as an effective employee who will well represent their practice.

Focus on a Better Patient Experience

Medical providers and healthcare facilities are taking more of a business-like approach to healthcare than ever before. With the increasing complexity and ever-changing standards they must follow, and the competition among medical specialties, it takes more effort to provide patients with a quality experience that will rate high in their rankings.

That’s why when applicants apply for some of the positions that weren’t nearly as specialized as in the past, they are really not taken seriously unless they have certification to prove their skills and knowledge.

One of the easiest ways to advance your career in the medical arena is to obtain your medical billing and coding certification in NYC with the training offered at ABC School.  This will provide you with the credentials you need to work in medical settings in every area of specialty and make you an important member of the medical team who is working hard to create patient satisfaction.

Multiple Certifications: More Options for Advancement

Combining multiple medical certifications will not only make you a better employee now, but it will also improve your chances of working your way up to even better opportunities. The more certifications you have on your resume, the less you will need to be prepared for a new position that is more specialized than the one you already have. Sign up for the next weekday or weekend class for the medical certification of your choice.