Detail Oriented? This Might Be the Career for You!

Medical Coder Career with ABC Training Center


Do you have a strong ability to find specific information in documentation? Are you capable of focusing on specific details and relaying accurate numbers? Do you have an interest in working in the medical field but prefer not to work directly with patients? A career in medical coding could be the perfect choice for you!

Details Make a Difference

The primary task of a medical coder is to input industry-standard alphanumeric codes for diagnoses, treatments, and procedures for record-keeping and insurance purposes. Because there are thousands of these codes that signify a wide variety of medical information, it is of the utmost importance that medical coders are extremely detail oriented and capable of logging accurate information.

Medical coders also need to be able to work with doctors, nurses, caregivers, insurance companies, and other involved parties to determine what information to code for and what information might still be needed. Balancing all of these conversations and relationships requires a certain amount of organization and focus that only a detail oriented individual can provide.

Why Choose Medical Coding?

In addition to being a perfect fit for a detail oriented personality, medical coding can also be a lucrative, flexible and fulfilling career with plenty of room for advancement. Medical coders often cite a sense of personal satisfaction as a result of helping others by working in healthcare, and many work convenient, flexible hours (some even work from home!).

The income is also a great benefit of the job; first-year medical coders in the U.S. earn an average of $39,106 per year. That total then jumps to $45,000 per year after ten years of medical coding experience.1 Plus, medical coding is a career that offers a great deal of opportunity to move upward or into another field of work. Many individuals start as medical coders and, later, return to school to pursue a career as a nurse, medical administrator, or home health aide.

As rules and regulations surrounding healthcare continue to evolve, medical coders work at the forefront of these changes, making sure that information regarding each patient’s condition and treatment is accurate and thorough. This means that medical coders—especially those capable of learning and adjusting to new laws and coding systems—will continue to be in high demand worldwide.

Start Your Career as a Medical Coder with ABC Training Center

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to becoming a medical coder (or if you just want to learn more about the field), ABC Training Center is ready for you! Our affordable medical billing and coding classes in NYC can give you the education you need with convenient morning or evening course options.

Don’t wait to start your new career in the medical field. To enroll in a medical coding program or learn more about what ABC Training Center has to offer, contact us today at (718) 618-5589.


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