CNA Training in Bronx, NY

The CNA’s Responsibilities in the Work World

Have you always wanted to help people? Perhaps you’ve been fascinated by biology and medicine since you were a small child. If this sounds like you, you might consider a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). This demanding yet fulfilling career is an excellent choice for many, as it provides stable employment in a field that’s constantly growing. CNAs are more than just caretakers. They offer a high level of care to patients in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and more. ABC Training Center in Bronx, NY is here to give you the education you need to succeed in this healthcare career. Do you think you have what it takes to become a CNA? Learn more about this exciting profession and the true responsibilities of a CNA in today’s work world.

The Basics of Being a CNA

Certified nursing assistants are healthcare professionals with numerous aspects to their job. However, it all boils down to providing basic healthcare services to patients of all kinds. There are two sides to being a CNA, the first being patient-centered. CNAs are tasked with the everyday care of patients who may not be able to take care of themselves. This could include feeding, bathing, or just providing social interaction. The other side of a CNA career is administrative. Not only are these professionals trained to care for patients of all ages, but they also work with various types of technology and health information systems. Earning your CNA certification means you’re prepared to take on a wide range of tasks related to the wellbeing of patients.

Gain Fulfillment Through Helping Others

At ABC Training Center, our students always cite helping others as their primary reason for taking CNA classes. If this is the case for you, medical training to be a CNA is one of the most fulfilling career paths you can take. Many of your responsibilities will be to do with assisting a patient directly, be it with daily tasks such as bathing or helping doctors with medical procedures. CNAs in today’s work world might be expected to do the following for their patients:

  • Take vital signs as needed
  • Bathe patients
  • Assist with medical procedures
  • Feed patients and measure their food intake
  • Help with hygiene tasks such as brushing teeth
  • Turn, reposition, or lift patients into new positions or a different seating arrangement
  • Evaluate patients for signs of illness or injuries
  • Treat wounds
  • Assist patients in getting to the bathroom
  • Answer patient calls

Covering All Aspects of Being a Caretaker

The responsibilities of a CNA don’t end when a patient does not immediately need them. These professionals are also tasked with taking care of administrative concerns. First and foremost, CNAs often act as a liaison between the patient and other healthcare professionals. CNAs are also instrumental in ensuring patient rooms and beds are sanitary and kept up to high standards. Additional CNA responsibilities include:

  • Gathering supplies and keeping a full stock
  • Cleaning bed linens
  • Setting up equipment
  • Moving patients to different rooms as needed
  • Emptying bedpans
  • Providing accurate documentation
  • Communicating patient needs and concerns to other doctors and nurses

Evaluate Your Personality for These Character Traits

Nursing assistant programs can teach you a lot about a profession, but rarely can it teach the character traits you need to succeed in your line of work. As you’re looking into how to become a CNA, be sure to evaluate your own strengths and aptitudes. Firstly, CNAs must enjoy working with people. Otherwise, this profession tends to lead to burnout. Those who choose this career must be effective communicators, both written and verbal. Flexibility, time management, empathy, compassion, and reliability are all descriptors of a successful CNA at our career training center.

Obtaining the Right Education

Many believe CNAs need a bachelor’s degree, but this isn’t the case. To be successful as a CNA, you need a high-quality career training program such as the one at ABC Training Center. Countless CNAs have graduated from our vocational program in Bronx, NY and gone on to assist numerous patients. During our training program, you’ll learn all aspects of a career as a CNA, from healthcare to medical technology. Whether you’d like to be a CNA or feel more fit for a position as a home health aide, ABC Training Center is the place for you. Contact us today to learn more about our premier career training.