Fun Medical Facts for Medical Assistant Students

Medical Assistants in NYC work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals and doctor’s offices to clinics. Part of the typical job responsibilities could include:

  • Take Patients’ Vital Signs
  • Draw Blood Samples
  • Collect Urine Samples
  • Complete and Update Patient Records
  • File Medical Insurance
  • Process Payments
  • General Bookkeeping
  • Filing
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Greet Patients
  • Call In Prescriptions

Due to the variety of job functions a medical assistant performs on a daily basis, medical assistant training in NYC requires completing coursework in related medical and business classes. In between your studies, it can be fun to learn some interesting facts you can use to impress your instructors and classmates, as well as your future patients once you obtain your certification and begin work.

Medical Assistant Students at ABC Training Center

Here at ABC Training Center, we like to provide our students with fun facts to help them learn more about the human body and, at the same time, gain a greater appreciation for their coursework so they will be successful in their future careers.

  • The span of your arms when extended horizontally is almost always equal to your height.
  • The average speed created when we sneeze is roughly 100 mph.
  • The average speed created when we cough is about 60 mph.
  • Our bodies produce 25 million new cells every second and in 13 seconds produces around 325 million new cells, the approximate population of the United States.
  • While bones are sturdy and strong in most people, they are not the strongest feature in the body but, rather, the enamel—the protective coating on our teeth—is the strongest.
  • About two-thirds of the dust we find in our homes consists of dead skin cells since we shed around 500 million dead skin cells every day.
  • The least common blood type is AB negative, which about only one percent of the population has, while the most common is O positive, found in about 38 percent of people.

Medical Assistant Training at ABC Training Center

  • If we took our small intestine and stretched it out flat, it would be about as tall as a fully grown adult giraffe.
  • If we took our blood vessels and placed them in a straight line, they would reach half-way to the moon.
  • Did you know we are about one half-inch taller in the morning than at night? This is because the cartilage in our body compresses throughout the day and, after sleeping, it expands back out.
  • The speed of a nerve response/impulse is about 249 mph.
  • If our blood could flow freely in a straight line, it would travel a distance of about 60,000 miles every single day.
  • The nose acts as a natural air filter and will filter out about 45 pounds of dust during our lifetimes.
  • To smile, it requires using around 36 different muscles out of the 44 muscles in the human face.
  • People have between six and nine dreams each night, and we begin dreaming while still in the womb.
  • We have more living organisms on our bodies than the entire population of the world.
  • During our lifetimes, we will consume around 7,000 times our weight in food and spend about a total of five years’ time eating.
  • Aside from humans, the only other species to enjoy sex for pleasure are dolphins.

Medical Assistants Programs at ABC Training Center

We hope you have enjoyed our list of fun and interest facts and will be able to use them to impress your family and friends with your diverse range of knowledge.

To learn more about our medical assistant programs in NYC, please feel free to call ABC Training at 718.618.5589 today! Since we want you to be successful in your training, we make it easy to complete your program with our weekday or weekend classes!