Health Aide and Patient Care Careers That Make a Difference

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a career that helps you make a significant difference in the lives of others. In the career fields of health and patient care, there are a number of meaningful jobs that pay well that can often be overlooked. If you want a career in the medical field and dream of helping others, but aren’t interested in being an MD, you might consider one of the following careers.

Patient Care Careers in New York

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Certified Nurse Aide

A Certified Nurse Aide (commonly referred to by the acronym CNA) is a medical professional that works under the direction of other doctors and nurses, often in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home setting. CNAs are responsible for taking a patients’ vitals (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc.), helping them in and out of bed, assisting them with basic hygiene, and assisting them in day-to-day tasks. CNAs are capable of making a difference on a daily basis by working directly with patients and their families to provide assistance and much-needed companionship.

 Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides work with patients in their own home in cases where the individual either cannot be brought to a hospital or is in a period of long-term care (such as hospice/palliative care). A home health aide can make a significant difference in the life of a person who requires daily in-home medical care. The bond that can be developed between the patient and the caregiver is often cited by Home Health Aides as one of the top reasons they love their career.

Career in Patient Care with ABC Training Center

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Patient Care Technician

As the job title implies, Patient Care Technicians deal with patients on a very direct and regular basis. Tasked with taking vitals, assisting with personal hygiene, serving meals, changing bedding, and other patient-centered responsibilities, PCTs are also expected to monitor any slight changes in the patient’s condition and work with other medical professionals to maintain a stable condition. This direct caregiver relationship makes a huge difference to the patient’s overall health and provides valuable compassionate human contact.

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants work side-by-side with doctors and specialists to ensure that patients’ needs are met properly. This career goes above and beyond the level of some other patient care jobs, as it can involve duties such as recording patients’ medical histories, performing basic tests like ultrasounds, taking blood samples, and more, on top of monitoring patients’ vital signs. This career is an opportunity to address patients’ medical needs more directly while providing them with comforting care.

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