The Medical Career You Hadn’t Thought of: Medical Coding and Billing

What makes a career choice a good one? For one thing, it needs to be something that is highly in demand. When there are more qualified candidates than there are positions to be filled, everyone isn’t going to get hired. Positions that are in high demand give you more choices about where you work and how much you get paid.

Certified Medical Assistant in New York

Another thing that you should look for in a career is one that doesn’t require a lengthy and expensive college degree. This is especially important for anyone who wants to work in the medical industry and doesn’t have the time and money to spend on college.

Fortunately, there are medical career choices that you can qualify for by getting certified. Nursing assistants, medical assistants, and home health aides are some of the choices you will have. But medical billing and coding certification in NYC will prepare you for one of the most in-demand medical careers there is today.

What It Is

Medical billing is the practice of sending out statements to patients to collect for the amount they still owe for services once their insurance companies have paid their share. Before they can do this, they must submit a claim to the insurance company that includes the code for the appropriate procedures that were provided.

For thirty-six years, the 9th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) coding system was used for this purpose. In 2015, an even more complex ICD-10 system was implemented. At a time when more people have health insurance, and the Baby Boomers are becoming seniors in need of more medical care, there are fewer qualified coders to fill the positions in physician’s offices, hospitals, and specialty medical service facilities.

The importance of a medical coder cannot be overstated. Even a minor mistake in placing a code on a claim can result in the wrong procedure being billed. This can result in the healthcare provider not being paid the appropriate amount or not getting paid at all. The skills of the coder determine whether insurance claims and bills to patients are paid in a timely manner prior to the deadline for their being filed.


Medical Billing Classes in New York City

The medical billing and coding professional also plays an important role in patient satisfaction. Being on the other end of an incorrectly filed insurance claim is frustrating for any patient, and it can lead to dissatisfaction with the care they receive from the provider. When insurance claims are filed correctly and in a timely manner, the patient doesn’t have to deal with unexpected charges or the hassle of communicating with their insurance company for clarification.

The Best Reasons to Take Medical Billing and Coding Classes in NYC

ABC Training Center is conveniently located in the Bronx, NY, where courses can be taken on the weekdays or on the weekends. We help you become job ready for a career in the booming medical industry when you log 120 classroom hours, and take and pass your national certification exam. Even students who don’t have a high school diploma can register for our courses by taking a free entrance exam.

There is no simpler or faster way to jumpstart your medical career than with medical billing and coding certification that will prepare you to be a highly sought employee.