Medical Careers You Can Launch in 2 Years or Less!

The medical field has the most diverse range of job types of any industry. From surgeon to medical assistant or biller/coder, there are numerous choices to fit your expectations and skill set. Some careers require years and years of medical school and training, but not all the over 19.5 million people working in health care and social assistance by July 20171 endured this level of intense education.

Think that launching your medical career in under two years is a pipe dream? Think again! You could be educated, trained, and certified to work as a medical assistant, biller or coder, pharmacy technician, or Certified Nursing Aide (CAN) in less time than you might think. Here is a closer look at these promising job roles and the courses available from ABC Training Center.

Medical Assistant

There were over 591,000 people working as medical assistants in 2014, and nearly 139,000 were expected to be added by 2024.2 The field is growing at a faster than the average pace, given a job growth projection of 23% over a ten-year period. The demand for assistants is high. They work in doctor’s offices, nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, performing a range of tasks, from clinical to administrative work.

The medical assistant programs NYC students can enroll in will prepare individuals for clinical tasks such as recording patient medical histories, changing medical dressings, administering medications, and scheduling appointments. They’re also trained to set up exam equipment and conduct basic laboratory testing. That’s a lot of tasks to fill, so there is plenty of job security.

  • Time to completion: The course from ABC Training Center is 24 weeks (full-time) or 41 weeks (part-time) and includes a 180-hour medical internship.

 medical assistant programs NYC

Medical Billing and Coding

The outlook for medical billers and coders is quite high as well. Jobs for medical records and health information technicians were expected to grow 21% from 2010 to 2020.3 The job can be quite rewarding, in terms of salary and in fulfilling a very important healthcare role.

Being a biller/coder proves you don’t have to be a care provider to work in medicine. However, you do have an opportunity to ensure services are promptly and correctly paid for. Serving the important duties of interpreting claim form codes and preparing billing forms and invoices, you ensure patients’ claims are properly handled by insurance companies.

Time to completion: ABC’s medical billing and coding classes in NYC are offered as a 10-week program, with morning or evening options.

ABC Training Center’s medical billing and coding classes in NYC

Pharmacy Technician

In 2016, over 398,000 pharmacy assistants were working in the U.S. This included those working in health and personal care stores, hospital stores, grocery stores, and other locations. The demand is quite high, given the number of locations these technicians serve in and the skills needed. When pursuing pharmacy technician training, NYC aspiring professionals will learn terminology, drug regulation and control, medication calculations and dosages, prescription and medication order screening, and proper personal interaction.

  • Time to completion: Prior to taking the national certification exam, attendees of ABC’s pharmacy tech program complete 132 classroom hours over 6 weeks.

Pharmacy Technician

Certified Nursing Aide

More than 1.5 million CNAs were employed in the U.S. in 2016.4 Similar to other certified healthcare roles, the job outlook is quite promising; it is expected to grow 17% between 2014 and 2014, in part due to a growing elderly population.

A CNA can take on many roles. With other health care professionals overseeing their duties, they often monitor patient vital signs, take important observations, and transport patients as needed. A nursing aide may work in a hospital or as a personal caregiver in a nursing home.

  • Time to completion: To complete ABC’s CNA training NYC students must take prior to the state board certification exam, it takes eight weeks on a weekday schedule. A weekend schedule with 8- or 16-week options is available, as is a fast-track, 4-week schedule. The program includes 96 classroom hours and 30 hours of clinical assignments.

Certified Nursing Aide Programs in New York City

These training options enable you to launch a medical career in well under two years. To learn more about these healthcare jobs and others, certification classes, tuition, and registration, browse our website or call us at 718-618-5589 today!



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