How Medical Certification Can Help in Future Careers

Perhaps you are just beginning your medical journey—or you may have some years of experience already. Regardless, there are many opportunities for advancement, whether or not you are just entering this field, and certification can give you the ability to take advantage of them.

Why Obtain Medical Certification?

When you earn certification in medical insurance billing and coding, pharmacy technician, or medical assisting, you are adding the kind of credentials to your resume that employers will value. Making the decision to get certified means you are making an investment in yourself as well as for your future.

Obtaining certification via career training programs in NYC not only makes you a valuable asset to prospective employers but also improves your earning potential.  It also allows for even more doors to be opened for career advancement, which will be especially valuable in a volatile job market. Of course, the deeper understanding you gain as a result of certification will also greatly benefit your career.

Application For Employment in Medical Billing

The Benefits to Employers

When an employer decides to hire a certified individual, they can increase staff competence levels, which benefits their organization. Having these employees on their team also shows their commitment to high-quality care standards.

Individuals who are hired for their certification also communicate the benefits of ongoing education to existing employees. Costs can also be reduced, as efficiency is increased when an employer hires certified individuals.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Choosing to certify in medical billing and coding via medical training programs in NYC will allow you to be prepared for a career in a professional medical office. This particular certification will allow you to know how to properly code medical reports. It will also teach you how to ensure accurate compensation for the services of medical providers.

The career options available to you once certified include medical records technician, health information technician, and medical coder.

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Certification as a pharmacy technician will require applied science. This will provide you with the skills necessary for the interaction and management of patients and their medications. As a pharmacy technician in training, you will learn how different medications affect the body, as well as learn how to manage the processing of insurance data, inventory, labeling of orders, and handling of packages.

Once certified, you will be able to seek career options that include pharmacy billing specialist and pharmacy records manager.

Medical Assisting Certification in New York City

Medical Assisting Certification

This certification will result in the obtaining of a wide range of skills covering management and clerical realms. In addition to being introduced to medical terminology, medical assisting certification will also provide an introduction to lab procedures and clinical duties.

The career potential for this certification includes administrative medical assistant, ophthalmic medical assistant, clinical medical assistance, and podiatric medical assistant.

Earning Potential

Although amounts may vary, depending on position and location of employment, the average range of salary once medical billing, pharmacy technician, or medical assisting certification has been obtained can range between $32,000 and $39,000 per year.

Placing Certification on Your Resume

Once you’ve finished and obtained certification in medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, or medical assisting, you will need to be sure it’s placed on your resume. The best location for certification is at the end of your resume, under a “Certifications and Training” header. This will alert hiring managers to the fact that you possess important credentials. Your certification information can be organized in bullet form, with dates alongside each.

More Certification Means a Better Connection

The importance of human connection to the medical field is absolutely critical. As a certified ABC Training Center medical professional, you can provide even more human connection, as well as directly impact more lives in your community. You can bring comfort to patients while using your newly-acquired skills to provide patients with the highest quality of care.