Medical Coding Certification Could Mean a Salary Increase for You

Everyone would like to make more money than they already do without having to invest in a long, expensive education to do so. As with most careers, that of the medical coder may be more or less fruitful based on experience, areas of expertise, and the type of training the person has.

In spite of the growing demand for skilled medical coders, the field remains competitive, with coders who are the most qualified and skilled being the most sought after. According to AAPC, the number of unemployed medical coders decreased in 2013 to nearly half of the number from 2012. At the same time, not all medical coders are getting the same salaries.

Medical Coding Certification Means Salary Increase in New York

The demand for accuracy makes finding a qualified candidate important to every type and size of healthcare facility. This is evident in the fact that those with the greatest experience have equivalently higher salaries.

For anyone who wants to not only obtain a position as a medical coder but also to advance their career and earn a better salary, certification is a must. ABC Training Center offers courses in medical billing and coding certification in NYC that will help you pass your test and get your certification sooner.

Certification for medical coding is achieved through an exam. Like any exam, preparation is the key to passing on the first try. The information that you will gain from our coding and medical billing classes in NYC will help you learn the various coding systems and give you the opportunity to use practice exams to discover your weak areas before facing the real test.

Courses in medical billing and coding certification in NYC

Reasons Healthcare Providers Are Willing to Pay More for Better Talent

Obtaining certification for medical coding is an investment in yourself and your financial future. It will make you a more valuable employee and open more doors to you so that you have more choices in who you work for and what you are paid.

There are three basic reasons that healthcare providers and medical facilities are willing to pay more for the best talent, including:

  1. Improving cash flow
  2. Meeting compliance
  3. Improving patient satisfaction

Improving Cash Flow

No matter what type of facility that a medical coder works for, their ability to correctly assign codes to services rendered and submit clean insurance claims will have a significant impact on the amount of money with which the facility and the staff have available to operate.

Insurance claims must be made within a certain amount of time. A mistake on the original claim could result in a denial or a loss of time that can’t be made up. A certified coder who has successfully taken our medical billing courses in NYC and passed their certification exam will be much less likely to make errors on claims or to miss deadlines that result in unpaid claims to the provider.

Meeting Compliance

Medical coding is a complex and precise system that changes every year. Healthcare providers require the skills of a certified medical coder to ensure they are following the guidelines for filing claims, as well as for maintaining the confidentiality of patient information. Regulations set forth by the U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG) are designed to prevent fraud and abuse within the healthcare system.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

The field of medical coders is growing increasingly competitive, as is the field of healthcare in general. Practices and treatment facilities of all kinds are focusing on providing patients with a more satisfying experience as a means to increase their business.

For patients who have little understanding of how their insurance works, getting their claims filed and paid without incidence is a priority. A claim that is made incorrectly or after the time limit for filing can result in their having to pay more than they should.

Employing the best possible medical coder to handle their patient’s claims will reduce errors and increase the number of paid claims to the facility. This helps the provider give their patients a more satisfying experience when they come to them for treatment.

The investment you make in getting educated and certified will provide you with a more secure career with more options and better opportunities to make a higher salary. Considering the time and money invested in certification and the difference in salary and job security it could bring, there are few career choices you could make that have a better return on your investment.


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