What Medical Jobs Are Great for Travel?

When you think about medical jobs in the healthcare field, you may not necessarily think about these types of careers as ones that could allow you to travel, work from home, or provide the flexibility so you can move and live wherever you want. What you might not be aware of is there are several different medical careers that fall into a special category called “Traveling Medicine.”

These types of careers are designed to give the medical professional the flexibility to pursue a career in healthcare while being able to travel, work from home, or move whenever, wherever, and as often as they desire. Two careers which you will find in this category are medical billing and coding specialists and medical assistants.

How Do I Start a Career in Traveling Medicine?

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You will want to begin by enrolling in an appropriate career training program in NYC, here at ABC Training Center. You need to complete coursework, training, and certification exams ahead of time to demonstrate you have the educational background required for either a medical billing and coding specialist or a medical assistant.

The length of the career training programs does vary based on whether you enroll in weekday or weekend classes. For all practical purposes, it is best to allow yourself one year to fully complete all the requirements for the career path you decide to pursue.

How to Become a Traveling Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

After completing your coursework and medical billing and coding certification in NYC, you will want to get experience working in an actual medical office. The purpose of working in an office environment will help you better familiarize yourself with HIPAA regulations, the various medical insurance billing forms, billing processes and procedures, and more.

Once you have this experience, you can then start looking at traveling opportunities. The best place to start is to ask your current employer if they are open to the idea of you working from home. Some offices can be flexible and may have specific requirements needed for you to work from home.

Traveling Medical Billing and Coding in New York City

If your current employer does not offer this option, that does not mean there are no opportunities out there. Rather, you may have to consider changing jobs and employers to be able to work from home. Another option you can consider is starting your own medical billing and coding service business.

Going into business for yourself can be rewarding. You just need to make sure you stay current on all coding and billing requirements, as well as HIPAA regulations. It also helps to network with medical offices in your area and target those that are smaller because obtaining their business can be easier than that of larger practices.

How to Become a Traveling Medical Assistant

After completing your medical training and certification, you have a little more flexibility in starting a traveling career. There are healthcare facilities that will hire traveling medical assistants as long as you have the proper education.

These types of positions typically involve moving around from one facility to the next, and not necessarily staying in one location long term. For instance, a healthcare organization could have multiple satellite office locations throughout the greater NYC area and rotate your schedule so you work at each one on different weeks.

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Another example would be where the healthcare organization provided in-home patient care services. In this case, you would visit all the patients you were assigned to and perform the required tasks, such as collecting lab samples, filling out patient records, and so on. Your actual in-office work hours would largely depend on whether you were needed to come in or could perform administrative duties from home.

There are also specific placement agencies/services that will give you the flexibility to pick and choose assignments and work in a variety of medical settings from hospitals to offices and laboratory collection sites. With this type of travel option, you could change settings every few weeks or months based on the availability of assignments.

Traveling medical career opportunities are great if you do not want to be tied down in one location long term, want flexibility over your work hours, or enjoy being able to work from home, and they do offer decent salaries. For more information about our medical training programs in NYC or to enroll, please feel free to contact ABC Training Center at (718) 618-5589 today!