What Medical Trade Lets You Work from Home?

Most of today’s available medical jobs must be performed outside of the home. However, a growing number of medical jobs are now able to be completed via telecommuting. Called telehealth, these positions allow health-related services to be delivered via telecommunications or a computer located in an office at home.

Medical billing and coding certification in NYC is one of these positions. Those who work in this field are the liaison between an insurance company or patient and a medical facility, ensuring prompt and correct payment for medical services. Jobs are available both in medical offices and at home via independent contracting.

Medical Billing and Coding: Real Job or Scam?

Unfortunately, ads offering online medical billing and coding jobs are very popular scams, which have likely perpetuated the myth that these aren’t “real jobs.”

Actual medical billing and coding jobs see employees working for a person or for a company. Many ads for these positions can be misleading, telling you that you will be working for someone until you find out that what you’ve actually paid for is information about how to become involved in this field or start your own business.

How can you spot a medical billing and coding scam? If the ad claims that you can start earning money immediately without any experience, and it asks for payment in exchange for more information, it is very likely a scam.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in New York City

What Does It Really Take to Work in Medical Billing and Coding?

Before you can begin work in medical billing and coding in NYC, you need to acquire the proper certification and training, which will take time. You’ll need to acquire an understanding of the medical coding system, as well as human anatomy and medical terminology. You’ll need to know how to type, as well as have or obtain customer service skills.

Regardless of where you work, your job will be the same; you will have to analyze and interpret the formulas and codes which appear on claim forms to identify what is billable. You will also need to prepare invoices and forms for billing. You are, essentially, a translator of medical procedures and diagnoses, able to turn them into the numerical codes used in medical billing and coding procedures.

Why Become a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

One of the top benefits of entering this field is that you can work from home. This allows you to have flexible work hours, which is ideal for parents wanting to stay at home with their children and work.

The job of medical billing and coding is ideal for adults who may have wished to enter a medical field to help people, but for whom traditional medical training and its education requirements were not viable options.

There are many career options for medical billing and coding specialists. This means that jobs can be found anywhere: with medical groups, in a dental practice or insurance office, or in a lab or specialty clinic, to name but a few.

Finally, this field offers one of the highest work-from-home salaries. This means that your medical billing and coding certification of NYC won’t require you to work a large number of inflexible hours each week to earn a certain amount. Instead, you are paid a sufficient amount to meet your needs.

Certified Professional Coder examination in New York City

The Right Training

Medical billing and coding specialists receive their training and certification from recognized schools. Although many who become specialists have obtained a 4-year degree, this is not necessary in order to be able to enter the field. The wide array of classes available for medical billing and coding in NYC all have different completion times.

The average amount of class time you’ll need to be eligible for taking the certification test is four months to one year. Once you are eligible for testing, you can choose a specialty, or you can choose to take the Certified Professional Coder examination.

The best school for you is a reputable one that offers you in-class attention, combined with affordable tuition and job placement assistance. ABC Training Center has trained thousands of graduates for successful medical careers since 1972; call 718-618-5589 to learn more about our medical billing and coding classes in NYC.