What Your Patients Need for a Happy Life Under Your Care as a Home Health Aide

Working as a home health aide requires having patients to visit and see on a regular basis. In essence, they are the heart of your job and your ability to work. Without patients, no matter how fast you completed your home health aide training in NYC, you would not have a job.

Home Health Aide Training in New York


Aside from providing the care and support they require, a key component of your job abilities is ensuring they are happy. When your patients are happy, they will look forward to your visits. They will also recommend you to their friends and family members who may also be looking for a home health aide.

Recommendations can lead to more work and more business for you and your agency. Best of all, the things you can do to make your patients happy are easy to do because they are free!

  1. Get to know your patients by their names.

Using your patients’ names shows you remember them no matter how often you see them. Take the time to inquire and ask them how you should address them. Some of your patients might prefer to keep things more formal and have you speak to them using Mr. or Mrs. rather than using their first name.

  1. Engage your patients in conversation and listen to what they say.

Most of your patients are probably older. They enjoy being able to talk to people directly rather than on the phone or sending text messages. In addition, you may be one of the few people they get to interact with on a regular basis, as their children and relatives may live farther away.

Listening to them tell you stories about the past, their old job, or what they did since you last saw them shows you care. Aside from general conversations, you can let them know they are free to talk about anything on their mind, even about their healthcare concerns or other issues that are troubling them.

Home health aide training in NYC

  1. Smile frequently and often when visiting with patients.

The power of a smile can do wonders to brighten up someone’s day. Your patients, just like you, will have bad days. They may be feeling frustrated they cannot remember an important date or maybe they just found out one of their closest friends passed away.

Smiling is the easiest way to convey to your patients you are happy to see them. Plus, your smile can be infectious and turn an otherwise dreary day for them into a much better one.

  1. Give praise to your patients for their accomplishments.

It is important to remember, everyone likes a “pat on the back” from time to time. Your patients may not hear any words of encouragement or praise from their relatives or friends. To them, accomplishing a small task, like running a load of laundry, can be a major accomplishment worthy of your praises.

Complimenting patients shows your appreciation for their efforts. It will also do wonders to help keep them motivated to participate in their home health care.

Home Health Aide for Patients in New York

  1. Leave your problems at the door.

While your patients may seem attentive and concerned as you tell them about your relationship problems or financial worries; it can also make them feel uncomfortable. Learn how to leave your own problems outside of their homes.

The last thing you want to do is bring down the mood of your patients. Keep in mind, you are there to attend to their needs and make them happy. By focusing on them, it should help keep your mind off your own problems.

  1. Avoid getting into arguments with patients when they are having a bad day.

Your patients will have bad days or times they are upset about different things. One of their children could have said or done something to upset them. They may have had problems sleeping. They might have just heard some bad news. Since you’re there in front of the patient, they must start venting and take their frustrations out on you.

It is not that they dislike you or the help you provide. You just happen to be the person standing in front of them at the very moment they need to say what is on their mind. Just remember to be a good listener while they vent. Make an effort to empathize with their situation, but never tell them they are in the wrong.

By taking the time to practice these tips, you are sure to make the patients you care for happy and looking forward to your visits. To learn more about home health aide classes in NYC, please feel free to contact ABC Training Center at 718.618.5589 today!