Steps to Becoming A Medical Assistant

Becoming a medical assistant has many rewards for those who are dedicated, service-oriented, and flexible. Medical assistants help to improve the lives of others in many ways on a daily basis and, if you’ve decided to become one, there are certain steps you’ll need to take before you can begin working.

Types of Medical Assistant

There are three types of medical assistant: administrative, clinical, and traditional, each with its own particular focus.


The daily duties of an administrative medical assistant include the scheduling of appointments according to office protocol. If you plan to work in more than one medical facility, you will need to know how to do this according to their individual protocol.

Another important task that administrative medical assistants perform is that of medical billing, insurance, and finance. You will be expected to know how to coordinate benefits, process billing statements, and verify patient insurance coverage.

Clinical Medical Assistants Certification in New York


Clinical medical assistants care for patients, as well as work in the lab and manage medical supplies. The preparation of patients for medical procedures is a large part of clinical medical assisting, and it includes the sterilization and setup of medical equipment and the taking of patient medical history.

The clinical medical assistant will also be responsible for testing samples in the lab, as well as administering medication in various forms to patients. As well, these assistants ensure that medical supplies in examination rooms are continually available. Finally, thanks to the medical assistant certification NYC that they receive, they also know how to ensure that medical supplies are always in top working condition.


The traditional medical assistant will perform both administrative and clinical tasks, which requires a high degree of multitasking ability. If you plan to pursue a career in traditional medical assisting, you can expect to be trained in all of the tasks associated with clinical and administrative medical assisting.

Educational Requirements for Medical Assistant at ABC Training Center

Educational Requirements

For those wishing to become a medical assistant, the basic educational requirement is a high school diploma or equivalency degree. If you don’t currently have this education, you will need to take a GED prep class and pass the exam.

Once you have your high school diploma, you can pursue the post-secondary education necessary to get you into a medical assisting career. You will discover that there are many programs available via high schools, vocational schools, and junior and community colleges.

Courses You Will Be Taking

You will need to take several courses in order to become a medical assistant. These include physiology, medical terminology, and anatomy, as well as lab technique, diagnostic procedure, and pharmaceutical principles. You are also likely to take courses in transcription, record-keeping, and accounting, to name but a few.

Depending on where you go to receive your training and the kind of certification you wish to obtain, you can expect to spend one or two years in school.

The Right Training

Another decision you will need to make will be to choose where to obtain training via medical assistant programs in NYC. If you are an adult who is looking to become a medical assistant, you may need an option which allows you to attend classes part-time while you work.

If this is the case, facilities like ABC Training Center offer part-time classes over 41 weeks during evening hours. If you are able to take a full-time class, a 24-week training course during daytime hours is also available.

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