How to Choose the Right Medical Program for You

There are many paths to choose in the medical field. If becoming a healthcare professional excites you, picking the right training and career path is easier if you know yourself. The opportunities, job security, and growth potential will be there. However, the more work you put into assessing your interests, personality, values, and skills, the more likely you’ll enter a field that is fulfilling. Medical training programs in NYC from ABC Training Center are a great way to get ahead.

Here are some examples of careers and the personal traits most desirable of those who work in these fields.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants get to work alongside doctors and nurses. You might provide clinical care to patients, recording their vitals and medical history, and administrative support as well. No matter what task is assigned, your passion for helping others is important.

Being an assistant also exposes individuals to various aspects of health care, from removing sutures to setting up exam equipment or conducting laboratory testing. Job duties vary based on your capabilities and the needs of the practice, so you must be prepared for many tasks.

Healthcare Professionals

Home Health Aide

If caring for people on a more individualized basis is your passion, a home health aide certification program can get you ahead. There are individuals all over the country who need care and cannot address every need on their own.

By administering medications, monitoring vitals, and assisting with preparing meals, dressing and grooming, and personal hygiene, you not only help a highly appreciative individual but also their family and friends. Working one-on-one with a homebound senior or someone recovering after a recent hospital discharge can be extremely rewarding for the right person.

Medical Billing and Coding

Professionals in health care who like analyzing and interpreting information, rather than providing medical care, can pursue training that teaches them how to prepare billing forms, interpret claim form codes and formulas, and prepare and send claims to insurance companies. Diagnoses and medical procedures must be converted into the numerical codes used in the medical billing field. It can be a highly lucrative career choice, and it is one in very high demand.

Phlebotomy Technician

Some people like to be on the front lines of medical care. Others like to be behind the scenes. Training for phlebotomy lets you do both, drawing blood from patients and preparing the samples for processing. You can become certified within weeks, giving you entry into a rewarding career that might extend to other fields. One important personal trait—you must be comfortable with the sight of blood.

ABC Training Center’s certification program in EKG/phlebotomy won Best Phlebotomy Education Award for New York State in 2014 and 2015 (by, so it is a career training program in NYC that aspiring medical professionals often choose.

Pharmacy Technician is another role that’s great if you like helping people. You may work with patients face-to-face or over the phone, and you’ll assist licensed pharmacists. No matter what path you choose, it’s important to assess your personal characteristics, career goals, and the job roles that match.

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