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Our next N.A Weekday Fast Track classes begin on 9/3.

Our next N.A Weekday Morning classes begin on  9/3.

Our next N.A Weekday Afternoon classes begin on 8/5.

Our next N.A Weekday Evening classes begin on 8/5.

Our next N.A Weekend class begins on 8/10.  

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ABC Training Center Announces New Partnership With 5 Star Nursing!

5 Star Nursing has hundreds of openings for first-time Certified Nurse Aides who complete their training at ABC!  5 Star Nursing has offices right on our premises, and a desk right in the middle of our Admissions office!

We are the only career training facility to partner with a hiring agency located right on our premises!!  

About Nurse Aides

Nurse Aides, or Licensed Nursing Assistants, are an essential part of any healthcare facility. They perform most of the essential healthcare task for patients, in addition to providing them with emotional support, and everyday physical upkeep (bathing, feeding, etc.). Compassion, a good work ethic, and attention to detail are all a must for this people-oriented career.  Often, N.As have the most frequent contact with patients, providing long-term care and gaining an insight into a patient’s condition that many other medical professionals may not have. The skills you gain as a nurse aide are also transferable if you wish to become an LPN or RN later in your career.  If you want more info before deciding whether becoming a N.A is the right choice for you, below are some frequently asked questions about the profession and what it requires.

N.A’s work under the direction of other health care professionals, usually in nursing homes or hospitals. Their duties include taking the blood pressure, temperature, and pulse of patients. They help patients get in and out of bed, take baths, and dress. They also serve meals and perform housekeeping chores like making beds and cleaning rooms. Licensed nursing assistants observe the patient’s physical, emotional, and mental status and report any changes to the medical or nursing staff. Nursing assistants that are employed in nursing homes are often the principal caregivers. They often have more contact with residents than other members of the staff. Since some residents may occupy a nursing home for months or even years, nurses’ aides often develop ongoing relationships with them and respond to them in a positive and caring manner.

Learn more about a day in the life of a CNA here.

Weekday Schedule (8 weeks)

Day Morning OR Afternoon OR Evening
Monday through Thursday 9 am – 12 pm OR 1 pm – 4 pm OR 6 pm – 9 pm

Weekend Schedule : 2 days a week for 8 weekends

Day                                         Time                                            
Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 4 pm

Fast Track Schedule (4 weeks)

Day Time                                            
Monday through  Thursday 9 am – 4 pm

We Offer A Weekly Payment Plan!

    • Fast Track Payment Plan A requires a down payment of $400 down and 4 weekly payments of $362.50

    • Fast Track Payment Plan B requires a down payment of $925  down and 4 weekly payments of $231.25

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I find a job as a N.A when I graduate?

Walk right down the hall from your classroom at ABC;  from the moment you enroll at ABC you will be introduced to 5 Star’s recruiters, and they will be waiting to interview you the moment you are finished!

Is a Nurse Aide the same as a Licensed Nursing Assistant?

Yes, they are two terms for the same position.

How long does it normally take to become a Nurse Aide?

At ABC Training Center, you can become a Nurse Aide in as little as 4 to 8 weeks.

Does a N.A give injections?

Yes, a N.A with proper training may administer medications to patients via injections.

What are the responsibilities of a Nurse Aide?

Nurse aides participate in many intimate aspects of patient care, such as assisting with feeding, bathing, clothing, and the measuring of vital signs. They are often the first to help with any issues expressed by the patient and also assist with housekeeping, the providing of medication, and even the diagnosis  and treatment of patients.

Where can a Licensed Nursing Assistant work?

Nurse Aides can work in a large variety of settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and residences.

Do you need a university degree to be a Nurse Aide?

While there is little room for career growth as a Nurse Aide without a degree, a high school degree and completion of a nursing assistant program are all that’s needed to start in the field.

What are some important qualities for a Nurse Aide to have?

Some important personal qualities for N.As to possess are quick, critical thinking skills, being a people person, the ability to communicate well, empathy and compassion, physical and mental strength, and attention to detail.

With an aging population requiring more medical care, healthcare professionals are becoming more in demand every day. This could be an excellent career path for any adaptable, quick-thinking individual with a passion for healthcare.

Our Nursing Aide Program 

An exciting thirty-hour internship in one of New York’s leading nursing homes is an integral part of this N.A program in NYC. The hands-on experience that you gain with Nurse Aide training provides you with the real experience that nursing homes look for when they hire new staff.

Additionally, our Nurse Aide training graduates have the option of furthering their education and upgrading their credentials. Those who receive a nurse aide license can add training to become patient care technicians (PCT).

Please visit our Patient Care Tech page for details about PCT certifications. *If you are not already a Licensed Nursing Assistant, ABC Training Center offers you the opportunity to become certified as an Advanced Nurse Aide by taking the Nurse Aide course and the EKG/Phlebotomy course combined. Again, you can visit our Patient Care Tech page for details. (Of course, you can always call us directly at 718-364-6700 and one of our admissions aides can answer all your specific questions). Find out more about the Role of a CNA in the Medical World

  • 96 classroom hours, plus 30 hours clinical assignment, plus state board certification exam •
*ABC Training Center is licensed by the New York State Department of Education.*

No High School Diploma? No Problem!

You can still register for our Nurse Aide classes in the Bronx by taking our FREE entrance exam instead. As one of the top CNA schools in NYC, we’re here to help you find the career of your dreams. Register today!

Check out our information on The Future Outlook for CNA’s and Employment Opportunities for CNA Certs

Praise for Our CNA Course From Our Students

Not only do the teachers know their subject, they know how to teach it!


There are smiling faces wherever you go! The whole staff treats us very professionally.


They work with your schedule.  It’s easy to make up or repeat classes if you need to.


You can feel yourself learning and making progress!


The teachers always explain everything completely.  They know their field!


ABC has a perfect payment plan.  They make it easy for people who can’t pay all at once for school.


“The whole staff treats us very professionally.”


Classes can be booked for large groups or companies with your own separate classroom. Contact us for more information.


Fast, low-cost job training is as easy as ABC!

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