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If you are not a licensed NA (either through ABC Training Center OR another institution) you are on the correct page

If you DO already have a CNA certificate from ABC or another school, you need only enroll in the

Patient Care Technician” (see the

Patient Care Technician” page for  price and schedule listing.)


Advanced Nurse Aide Classes

 Our next Advanced Nurse Aide Weekday  Fast Track Class begins on 8/12.

Our next Advanced Nurse Aide Weekend Class begins on NA

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ABC Training Center in NYC

ABC Training Center is approved by the NY State Department of Education to issue an Advanced Nurse Aide Certificate to students who complete the Nurse Aide, EKG and Phlebotomy classes at ABC Training Center. If you are already a licensed Nurse Aide from another institution or from ABC Training Center prior to signing up for EKG & Phlebotomy you will receive a PCT Certificate.  Click here for PCT information:

Being an ANA training program graduate puts you one step ahead of the pack. Our experience has shown us that candidates that have passed the NY Certification Exam and who interview at a hospital or other medical facility usually get preference over non-certified candidates.

So, if you are thinking of gaining new skills to create greater job opportunities, more income, and more security for you and your family, look no further than ABC’s approved Advanced Nurse Aide (ANA) training program in NYC.

ANA Schedule (8 weeks)

Day Time                                            
Monday through  Thursday 9 am – 4 pm

It is necessary to register with half the total cost – $1,525 — as a down payment for this schedule, followed by 7 weekly payments of $195 and a final payment of $160 for ANA Schedule.

Classes can be booked for large groups or companies with your own separate classroom. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Becoming a Advanced Nurse Aide is a noble and excellent career choice for anyone who would like to be on the front lines of the growing health care industry with intimate experience in patient care. As someone considering enrolling in our Advanced Nurse Aide program, you may have many questions on what to expect from your new career. The following are some common questions that we at the ABC Training Center have received and answered to help you stay informed during your career journey.

What is a Advanced Nurse Aide?

Advanced Nurse Aide are Certified Nursing Assistants who have also been trained in phlebotomy and perform EKG’s. The Advanced Nurse Aide works in conjunction with medical staff to provide needs for disabled or infirmed patients that need support in completing daily tasks such as showering, dressing and eating.  ANAs have a variety of workplaces to choose from, such as hospitals, rehab centers, dialysis centers, and nursing facilities.

What does a Advanced Nurse Aide do in a hospital?

ANAs, in short, are professionals that aid patients that cannot perform daily tasks on their own. They help to bathe, feed, dress, and transport patients, and provide other basic needs while providing needed emotional support.  They also monitor patient vital signs, perform EKG’s and draw blood.

What are the qualifications for a ANA?

If you are already a Licensed Nursing Assistant, you need only take the EKG/Phlebotomy program at ABC to become a PCT.  If you are not already a Licensed Nursing Assistant, take our “Advanced Nurse Aide” course, which consists of Nursing Assistant, EKG, and Phlebotomy training.

How long does it take to become a Advanced Nurse Aide?

You can receive the ANA certification in as little as 8 weeks

Is CPR required to become a ANA?

No.  However, we strongly suggest that aspiring Advanced Nurse Aide take “CPR for Medical Professionals” which includes Automated External Defibrillator Training.

What are the job limitations of a Advanced Nurse Aide

ANAs cannot provide analysis of disease, provide an official diagnosis to patients, or administer medication.

In addition to being a common gateway into nursing, the career prospects for ANAs are positive, with many hospitals and care centers looking for quality caretakers, as the total number of healthcare related occupations are projected to increase, and the role continues to evolve in the medical community. Overall, it can prove to be a demanding job that requires a certain level of dedication while providing a high level of personal satisfaction and experience in the medical field.

Preparing ANA’s for an Important Medical Role

Although the job seems similar to that of a licensed nursing assistant, our technician training courses are different than NA classes in The Bronx. The training process is more focused on the tasks an ANA is expected to perform. These include working as a phlebotomist and using an electrocardiogram (EKG).

In addition to being upbeat, calm, and caring, they must be ready to respond to anything abnormal and tend to personal cleanliness, for any patient who is sick, elderly, or disabled. Patient care often involves bathing and grooming and assisting with patient transfers during emergencies and during the course of medical care. Aside from maintaining a safe environment or assisting with the administration of medications or medical treatments, the ANA must be able to work with others, from nurses and physicians to paramedics.

A certified training program is required to become qualified as a Advanced Nurse Aide. The difference between our program and others is that participants only need to take an entrance exam. A high school diploma is not required, although the exam requirement is waived for high school graduates who enroll in the program. The educational curriculum does involve some classroom time.

Participants also take part in laboratory exercises and spend hours in a clinical setting to obtain the experience necessary to master the duties of patient care, conducting an electrocardiogram, or completing a phlebotomy procedure.

EKG and Phlebotomy Training at ABC Training Center

We offer both EKG and phlebotomy training to give students a well-rounded education. Certification in both areas prepares and qualifies one for work in many healthcare settings. An EKG assistant places electrodes on a patient, and then uses a specialized machine to take readings.

At the same time, they need to be on alert for signs of heart attacks and other emergencies. That can be a lot of pressure. The individual technician must remain calm at all times and be able to think rationally, despite the stress of reading test results quickly and tending to patients who may be critically ill.

Both phlebotomy and EKG technicians must be skilled at gathering patients’ medical histories, explaining medical procedures, and calming down someone who may be extremely frightened.

For the best in phlebotomy training in NYC aspiring ANAs can find, contact ABC Training Center at 718-618-5589 today.

192 classroom hours, plus 30 hours of clinical assignment, plus state board and national certification exams or 96 classroom hours for already licensed CNAs at only the cost of EKG/Phlebotomy program are offered.

Phlebotomy Training

Our services include EKG phlebotomy training NYC technicians will draw upon later to assist medical personnel. Phlebotomy technicians serve an important role. Supervised by laboratory managers and medical technologists, their role is to collect blood from a patient’s vein.

Drawing blood requires training, as do methods used to do so include preparing the individual, inserting the needle, withdrawing blood into tubes and containers, and providing post-puncture care. A phlebotomist is trained to be prepared to execute their expertise during medical testing, transfusions, or when a person is donating blood.

A career as a phlebotomist can be a fulfilling one, and our school is equipped to provide the background needed to become certified in this field.

ABC Training Center is licensed by the New York State Department of Education. 

**No high school diploma? No problem! **  You can still register for our Advanced Nurse Aide classes in the Bronx by taking our FREE entrance exam instead.

ABC Graduates Work Here

ABC Training Center sets you up for success in your selected career and not only prepares you for the workforce, but opens up doors for a job as soon as your training is complete. Below are just some of the places our graduates have obtained employment post-graduation:

Amsterdam House * Jewish Home & Hospital * Kateri Residence * Terrence Cardinal Cooke * Wycoff Heights Hospital * Hospital For Special Surgery * Woodcrest * Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center * Jacobi Hospital * Montefiore Hospital * Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center * St. Barnabas Hospital * Veteran’s Administration Medical Center * Westchester Square Hospital * Burke Rehabilitation Center * New Rochelle Medical Center * Bruckner Nursing Home * Daughters of Jacob * Fieldston Lodge * Frances Schervier Home and Hospital * Hebrew Home for the Aged * Jeanne Jugan Residence * Judith Lynn * Laconia * Manhattanville * Morningside * Pellham Parkway * St. Patrick’s Home * Split Rock * Wayne * Workman’s Circle * Bayberry * Cabrini Nursing Home * Hudson View * St. Joseph’s Nursing Home * Sarah Newman * Somer Manor * Wartburg Home * St. Joseph’s Medical Center * Bellevue Hospital * Gouverneur Hospital * Mt. Sinai Medical Center * St. Luke’s * New York Presbyterian & MORE!

Classes can be booked for large groups or companies with your own separate classroom. Contact us for more information.

Fast, low-cost job training is as easy as ABC!

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