Is an At-Home Business as a Medical Coder for You?

The healthcare industry is one of growth and potential. Many enter the field for the satisfaction of helping others, job security, and a good salary, but medical coders can also look for a positive job outlook and the potential to launch an at-home business. To start, you must obtain the training and skills via medical billing and coding certification NYC healthcare practices recognize.

Although most practices and medical facilities have an established source for medical billing/record keeping, doctors’ offices looking to outsource these duties may be happy to bring you on board. There are many advantages besides the prospect of working from home. The median annual pay was over $38,000 in 2016. Growth was expected to be faster than average, at 13% from 2016 to 2026.1

The Life of a Stay-at-Home Medical Coder

The best approach is to have a separate room for working, where there are no household distractions. A strong work ethic and discipline will enable you to concentrate on daily tasks and serve your clients’ needs.

As a coder, you’ll work with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code. There are nearly ten thousand codes used by insurance providers to identify diagnoses, diseases, and medical supplies and services. A medical biller interprets these codes as well, but bills insurers directly for medical services. Billing involves additional tasks such as handling denied claims, ensuring patients have insurance, and handling accounts receivable reports.

Professional coders need more than a computer and an internet connection. You will need to work with a clearinghouse—a business that receives and transmits claims electronically. A phone and printer are necessities as well; as an at-home medical coder, you don’t always work alone. The job often entails speaking to doctor’s offices, insurers, and other parties about important matters.

Insurance forms, reference materials such as HCPCS Expert 2000 coding books, and software are needed as well. Basic billing software might do, but, depending on the business, you may need more advanced packages that include lead generators and other business tools. The medical billing and coding NYC students learn from ABC Training Center cover all the important tasks, from analyzing claim form codes to preparing billing forms.

How Long Does It Take to Get Certified?

Medical coder certification generally takes less time than earning an associate degree, which takes two years. The medical billing and coding classes in NYC from ABC are 10 weeks. You’ll then have to take a national certification exam. It can take several weeks to months to prepare for the American Academy of Professional Coders exam, and registration is due three weeks before the day of the test.2

Medical billing and coding classes in NYC

Once you become certified, it’s time to look for work or start your business. Many companies don’t let you work from home at first. It depends on who you work for. Starting a coding business takes time; you might find clients through your employer or by networking in the industry. Don’t be afraid to visit or call medical offices, clinics, and various health professionals who may need your services.

First things first; you need the training to get started. Call ABC Training Center today at 718-618-5589 to register for our medical billing and coding classes, offered mornings or evenings!