How long does it take to become a Bartender?

Bartending is an exciting career that provides a wide range of job opportunities, and competitive earnings. It’s a fun job, whether you’re pouring beers at a cozy neighborhood pub or mixing cocktails at an upscale club. Bartenders can even find work with flexible hours, and jobs that allow them to express themselves creatively. If you’re looking to break into this business, you might wonder: how long does it take to become a bartender?

To become a bartender, you’ll need certain skills. Some of these are personality traits you’re born with, like a friendly nature and a good memory. Bartenders need to be good at communicating and well-organized. They have to be able to maintain their composure, even when things get hectic and know how to read people and understand what kind of service they’re expecting.

There are also many skills that you’ll need to learn if you want to become a bartender. You’ll have to learn how to mix cocktails, free pour, handle the tools of the trade, and keep a clean bar. Bartenders also need to know how to handle money, maintain good energy when dealing with a crowd, and keep up with all the latest drinks.

How long does it take to learn all that? Surprisingly, at ABC Training Center it only requires forty classroom hours. It’s not expensive, and in fact, only costs $199 at ABC. What’s more, ABC does more than just teach. Certainly, we’ve got a modern, practical curriculum that provides our students with valuable information. However, we also immerse our students in real-world experiences, behind real bars, serving alcohol to real customers, for real money. You’ll learn skills like bar set-up and breakdown, how to use the equipment, tools, and supplies, speed bartending and multiple drink preparation, pouring and measuring accuracy, cash register and money handling, customer service, and more, taught by some of the top mixology professionals in the business.

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