The More Things Change…

By Dave Herwitz, Director of Admissions, ABC Training Center

As I was surfing the internet today looking for some topics to blog on, I turned to my trusty friend Google and did a simple search under the term “Medical Careers.”  What I found was an article from the Palm Beach Post which said the following:

“Anyone seeking a rewarding, essential career today need look no farther than his local hospital.  Hospitals and clinics throughout the country have been pinched in recent years by a serious shortage of trained medical personnel.  The key word is “trained”.  A person with as little as six weeks schooling can fill a useful hospital position but untrained workers are often turned away.

“‘We are cognizant of the fact that well-trained people don’t just drop out of the sky,’ says William Mauser of John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital.”


The article then goes into detail about the different types of training that many facilities in the Palm Beach Area are offering due to the medical career job shortage.  The article finishes with:

“There are literally hundreds of jobs that are vitally necessary to the orderly operation of a hospital.  The hospital medical team includes many jobs, some common, some uncommon.  Most of them are in need of personnel and all require training.”

So nothing earth shattering here.  The main theme of this piece is what we preach on a daily basis here at ABC Training Center.  For real job security, for steady employment, for good paying careers – look no further than a medical career path (and good training of course).

However there was one thing that stood out from this article.

It was published 40 years ago on May 10, 1971.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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