Tips for Nurse Aides on Staying Healthy

Nurses devote a lot of time and energy to helping their patients stay healthy and make good, health-conscious life decisions. When it comes to making their own health decisions, however, many nurses are much less attentive, spending more time worrying about others than they do about themselves. The good news is, there are some relatively simple things nurses can do during their day to improve their health, helping them live happier, longer lives and enabling them to take care of even more patients.

Exercise Regularly

Nurses work long shifts at an exhausting job, which means that many neglect to find time for physical activity outside of work. This is a mistake, as exercise not only burns fat and keeps the heart healthy, it also helps people deal with stress and tension, and helps improve mood and attention span. In other words, exercise is something every nurse should find time in their day for.

Even if you don’t have time for hours of exercise every day, you should still find at least 20 minutes for physical activity at least twice a day. This can be as easy as taking a walk or a jog during your lunch break, or visiting the gym before or after work.

Nurse aide health tips by ABC Training Center

Sleep Well

Just as important to health as regular physical activity is sticking to a full sleep schedule. When people don’t get enough sleep, they come to work tired, cranky, and more likely to make easily avoidable mistakes that, in the medical field, can lead to serious medical errors that can compromise a patient’s health. That’s why it’s very important for nurses to renew their commitment to getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Health tips for nurses by ABC Training Center in NYC

Take Up a Hobby

Staying healthy isn’t just about physical activity; it’s about improving one’s mental state as well. With a job as stressful and life-consuming as nursing can be, it’s easy to take the job home with you and not let go of all the tension of the workday. When this happens, it leads to nurses being stressed and unhappy on the job and off, which can, in turn, lead to negative physical health effects such as a lowered immune system and higher blood pressure.

One of the best ways nurses can better manage the stress of the workplace is to take up a hobby or personal activity that they can devote time to outside of work. This can be everything from knitting, to reading, to having a regular get-together with friends. The important part is that it be something you enjoy doing, and which helps take your mind off work and the stresses of the job.

Eat Healthfully

Nurses spend a lot of time reminding patients about healthy eating habits, but how often do they follow that advice themselves? Rather than grabbing snacks whenever you can, nurses need to commit themselves to stick to a healthy eating schedule, including a full breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a nutritious dinner.

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