American Education Week: November 14 – 18, 2016

This year, educators and students are recognized during American Education Week. President Obama is calling upon school systems, parents, teachers, and students to work together in creating opportunities for schools and students all throughout the country through special events and programs. The National Education Association (NEA) has outlined specific celebration days during the event.

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  • Monday – November 14th is the nationwide kickoff of American Education Week.
  • Tuesday – November 15th is Parents Day, and schools are encouraged to invite parents to attend school with their children so they can see firsthand what school life is like for their child.
  • Wednesday – November 16th is Education Support Professionals Day. On this day, individuals who help contribute services to schools will be recognized for their contributions.
  • Thursday – November 17th is Educator for a Day. On this day, schools can invite community leaders, local celebrities, or others to teach students for the day.
  • Friday – November 18th is Substitute Educators Day. On this day, substitute teachers are celebrated, and schools are encouraged to invite them to teach for the day.

The goal of American Education Week is to better educate parents, professionals, and community leaders on how their school systems provide education for students and what areas need improving, and to gain support to ensure students receive the best possible education and skills.

Why Education Is Vital

Education is important for children and people of all ages. Today, simply graduating from high school places limitations on potential career choices. High school graduates have to compete for jobs with their peers, other high school students, and semi-retired people. Recent graduates are also experiencing issues with finding full-time employment and becoming self-sufficient.

Continuing your education past high school offers a wide range of options and choices. One viable option is to consider enrolling in career training schools, like our training school in NYC. Training schools focus on the core skills needed to obtain positions in today’s highly rewarding careers with opportunities for growth and advancement.

Group Of Students Working Together In Library With Teacher

Instead of having to complete a two-year or four-year degree, most programs can be completed in eight weeks for conventional programs or in as little as four weeks with “fast track” programs. Both options allow you to complete your education and start your career.

Additionally, the costs for tuition are substantially less than a two-year or four-year program, so you do not have to worry about huge student loan debt after completing your career training program!

Our programs also help students to develop a wide range of skills beyond those needed for their careers, including:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Socialization Skills

Furthermore, education has many other “hidden” benefits people will experience throughout their coursework and careers, as follows:

  • Improves Creative Thinking
  • Increases Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Helps You to Learn Current Technologies
  • Helps People Become Independent
  • Improves Self-Esteem

For more information about our career training programs, or to enroll, call ABC Training Center at 718-618-5589.