The Many Benefits of Becoming a CNA

Certified nursing assistants, also known as CNAs, assist both patients and medical staff. Considered to be one of the most important roles of a health care team, CNAs perform a wide variety of tasks. Read on to discover the benefits of CNA training in NYC.

What CNAs Do

Registered nurses rely on CNAs to provide direct care for patients. This care can include helping patients to eat, bathe, and dress, as well as ensuring patient comfort and safety.

A CNA provides nurses with important information needed to ensure optimal patient care. This information includes vital signs, recommended testing and results, and patient observation.

A Future View

If you’re thinking about becoming a Registered Nurse, becoming a CNA will provide you with information about what you’ll experience as an RN because you’ll be working in the same environment that nurses do.  As well, the field experience gained by becoming a CNA may make it easier to enter certain nursing programs.

Never a Dull Moment

CNAs are always busy. Whether you are taking vital signs or observing a patient or you need to transfer, lift, or position them, you can rest assured that there will always be something to do.

Because your patients and their conditions are always changing, no two days will be alike, which is ideal if you need variety in your work.

So Many Options

When you become a CNA, you have your choice of where to work. Many options are available, including but not limited to:

  • Long-term care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Clinics

Additional specialization can open even more doors of opportunity. For example, by getting certification in a certain specialty, you can work at all of the above locations, as well as with patients having a specific condition or that are a certain age.

CNA Training

Making a Difference

Becoming a CNA means that you will be working directly with patients as well as their families.  This provides you with the opportunity to make a real and positive impact on their lives. The satisfaction you will get from helping people offers many emotional rewards. Not only that, but you get the opportunity to form lasting and special bonds with your patients.

High Salary, High Job Security

The demand for CNAs is growing faster than all other healthcare jobs. That means there are several opportunities available. In addition to the $26,000 average annual salary that CNAs earn, working full-time can yield additional benefits from employers, such as paid vacation, medical coverage, and more.

Fast Training, No College Required

CNAs train from a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of twelve weeks. All that’s needed to begin training is a high school diploma or GED; no college required.

Find CNA Classes in NYC

If you’re looking to be trained as a CNA, it’s important to find the right institution. Affordable CNA classes in NYC from ABC Training Center can put you on the path to your dream career; call 718-364-6700 to learn more.