Medical Billers and Coders: An Integral Part of the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to the healthcare industry, doctors and nurses receive the most attention and kudos. While these professions are the face of the industry and interact most with patients, many forget about the professionals who work behind the scenes to provide quality patient experience both in and outside of medical facilities. Medical billers and coders play a huge role in the industry, but many are clueless as to what this type of job entails.

If you’re considering taking medical billing and coding classes in NYC, know that you’ll be playing an integral role in the healthcare industry. Here’s how.


Medical Translators

Medical billers and coders are the translators of the medical industry. These professionals translate the entire medical experience, from examinations to tests, to treatment, into billable codes that are used by medical facilities and insurance companies. In fact, billers and coders must familiarize themselves with more than 68,000 ICD-10 codes. These codes include inputs for broken bones, heart surgery, ulcers, and any other medical procedure and diagnosis that you can think of.


Simplified Billing & Payment

Once a medical coder has encoded the necessary procedures and diagnosis, a medical biller uses the ICD-10 codes in order to create a bill. If you’ve ever submitted paperwork to your insurance company, you know how much of a hassle the process can be. Thanks to medical billers, all of the hard work is done for you.

Billers create claims and submit them to insurance companies. Once the claim has been reviewed by the insurer, it’s sent back to the biller, who then determines how much money the patient owes. Thanks to the expertise of medical billers, the payment process for medical treatment is simple, easy, and convenient.


Industry-Wide Impact

Medical billers and coders support the healthcare industry in every sector imaginable. A biller and coder may support a healthcare specialist or may provide their work at a clinic, hospital, nursing home, pharmacy, or even a doctor’s office. So, the next time you head to your yearly physical or receive a consolidated and easy-to-understand medical bill in the mail, thank the medical coder and biller who worked your claim! Without these professionals, healthcare would be even more confusing and convoluted.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification in NYC

Becoming a Medical Coder and Biller

As a medical coder and biller, you can support the healthcare industry in a unique fashion. Yet, before you can succeed in this profession, you must earn the proper certification and experience. With reputable medical billing and coding certification in NYC, you can land your dream job.


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