Becoming a Bartender

Have you ever considered a career as a bartender? Bartending can be an exciting job! There’s potential for good money, bartenders get to meet new people, and there are many different opportunities for different places to work. But how does one become a bartender?

Believe it or not, ABC Training Center has training you can complete in as little as one week! The training schedule is flexible, so it can fit in with your lifestyle, even if you already have a full-time job. You can complete it in one or two weeks, or, if that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it can be completed in three weekends. There are morning, evening, and full day courses. In total, the program requires 40 hours of instruction.

The approach to training at ABC Training Center Bartending School is simple. We provide hands-on training at real bars, with modern, simple, practical methods, provided by friendly, helpful instructors with many years of experience. The curriculum is modern and practical, instructing students in bar set-up and breakdown, equipment/tools/supplies, speed bartending and multiple drink preparation, pouring and measuring accuracy, cash register and money handling, on-site practice, customer service, job search seminar, and more.

Graduates of the ABC Training Center Bartending School have gotten jobs all over New York and beyond, working in bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, lounges, and hotels. Armed with important skills provided by ABC Training Center, they’re able to make the most of this exciting, in-demand career. Staffed by some of the top mixologists in the business, our program is one of the most established and well-respected bartending schools in New York City

If you’re ready to become a bartender, call ABC Training Center. Since 1972, ABC Training Center has been serving students in the New York City Community, training countless professionals for real, in-demand careers. Our training programs offer students superior training in a small, family-owned and operated school setting that’s minutes from Manhattan and easily accessible by car, train, subway, and bus from Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey. Continue browsing to learn more about our bartending school in New York, or call us at 718-618-5589.