Most In-Demand Medical Careers Right Now

Medical assistant, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, and home health aide careers are among the most in-demand in the industry. Not only are they in high demand now; these jobs promise to continue to be lucrative choices for people just starting their careers or switching to a new one.

Healthcare professionals are needed regardless of the economy. Population growth in generations that will require increased medical care is mainly to thank, and there will always be sick or injured people to be cared for. In 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated there were 74.9 million baby boomers aged 51 to 69, and individuals classified as Generation X, or 35 to 50 years old, are expected to outnumber them by 2028, according to a report from Pew Research Center.

A growing aging population is contributing to the demand for several top careers in the medical field. These include:

Medical Assistant

In regard to medical assistant programs, NYC students are well-served by ABC Training Centers. The role of a medical assistant covers clinical and administrative duties, making one an indispensable component of a clinical practice. Job opportunities are expected to be abundant in the coming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) noted there were 591,000 jobs in this field in 2014, and the job outlook from 2014 to 2024 was expected to grow by 23%.

The demand for medical assistants will grow as physicians expand their practices and look to expand their patient capacity. These professionals also work in a variety of settings. They can carry out important tasks in a physician’s office, healthcare facility, or hospital. Job security, varying work duties, and on-the-job training are just some of the benefits of taking this career path.

Medical Billing and Coding

Insurance Claim Form

You don’t have directly provide health care services to work in the medical field. Billers and coders serve an important role handling billing forms and invoices, interpreting numerical claim form codes in the process. They are the link between medical facilities, patients, and insurance companies.

Preparing and sending claims to insurers, a biller/coder bills patients for the balance remaining after the insurer pays. In turn, they can earn high salaries, so medical billing and coding classes in NYC can quickly pay off—ABC Training Center’s certification course is just 10 weeks. Plus, employment opportunities are expected to continue growing at a faster than average rate.

Pharmacy Technician

Working alongside a licensed pharmacist, you can jump into this field with a certification and receive on-the-job training. By becoming certified, you can earn a higher salary. It’s a good career path if you like working with pharmacy professionals and patients, helping to distribute medication, screening prescription and medication orders, and calculating the exact dosages. Pharmacy techs must know facts about drug usage and side effects to communicate this information to customers, patients, and co-workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the job outlook was expected to grow 9% over 10 years starting in 2014, with 34,700 positions to be added. You only need a high school diploma or equivalent to break into this field, but, for pharmacy assistant training, NYC prospects can look to ABC’s 6-week program before taking the national certification exam. Work environments include pharmacies and retail stores, hospitals, and rehab centers.

Home Health Aide

If you like to care for people one-on-one and crave nurturing relationships, the home health aide training NYC students have available can lead to fulfilling careers. As of May 2016, the BLS’s Occupational Employment Statistics indicated there were over 814,000 professionals in this segment. Employment opportunities are sure to rise as elderly, disabled, and other individuals requiring specialized assistance need their help.

You may work with one senior throughout their later years or help a recently discharged hospital patient during recovery. The job prospects are high since there are so many home health aide agencies. The BLS predicted a 38% increase in demand from 2014 to 2024, and you can get started with ABC’s 3-week training course in the Bronx.

These career paths can get you going in the healthcare field quickly. Some certification courses can be completed in just weeks. The benefits of taking an ABC course include licensure by the NY State Department of Education and potential job placement. By learning on the job and continuing your education, a lucrative and rewarding career is possible in these high-demand fields.


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