Top Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is responsible for tasks that involve the operation of and service provided by a pharmacy. Aside from what you learn at pharmacy technician schools in NYC, there are personal qualities that count on a daily basis. Completing your studies and passing a national certification exam aren’t the only qualifying factors.

The most desirable qualities and skills to have, once you complete pharmacy school in NYC and become a dependable pharmacy technician, involve:

Customer Service: After their time at pharmacy technician schools, NYC graduates spend much of their workday helping customers. Politeness is a must, as it is in any retail setting. One must also be patient, compassionate, and empathetic. Your empathy can comfort a person who may be coping with a tough medical diagnosis or having a trying day dealing with the illness of a loved one.

Problem Solving: At a pharmacy, there are lots of problems to solve, from ordering inventory to setting a printer to get the labels just right, to calling insurance companies when claims aren’t approved. Anxious patients, short-staffed pharmacies, and unexpected situations demand resilience and tenacity—qualities that enable you to handle the job while pharmacists focus on clinical guidance.

Detail Oriented: Every last detail is critical. From the spelling of a medication to exactly the right dosage, the patient’s life may depend on your accuracy. You don’t want complications either, whether related to the person’s health or due to mistakes by the pharmacy.

Good Judgement: Sometimes a patient’s concerns require a pharmacist to address. When they ask questions, your job is to determine if they need additional help. Keep track of inventory to let pharmacists know what and how much of it is needed at the right time. Your sense of initiative helps ensure medicines are in stock to making sure the checkout process goes smoothly.

Ability to Prioritize: There are times people visit the pharmacy when it’s urgent. For example, a frail, elderly person might struggle to wait in a line. It’s therefore important to be flexible in filling orders and providing refills. If someone needs to be moved to the head of a line, don’t hesitate to do what must be done.

Always Willing to Learn: Long after one receives pharmacy technician certification, NYC professionals need to learn continuously. Changing medical guidelines, care, and pharmaceutical protocols demands you remain fluid and open to learning. The requirements of the job might change suddenly, and there may be opportunities to learn new skills when you least expect it, putting your nature as a team player to the test.

Computer Skills: Medical software is a standard in the industry now. Your proficiency with using a computer can complement your problem-solving skills and how you handle an urgent situation. The quicker you can learn new software, the more indispensable you can be.

Serious About Your Work: The level of detail you put into your focus is important. Nonetheless, how you approach each detail is crucial. Taking ownership of your work maximizes the response and precision of the pharmacy and puts your pharmacy technician training in NYC to the best use possible.

An Ethical Mindset: Ethics apply to every aspect of your work. From signs of prescription drug abuse to false applications, being on the alert will win over the respect of your supervising pharmacist. When customers ask about wait times, give them an honest estimate. Also, you’ll encounter medical records with confidential information, which you always need to respect.

Ability to Function in a Fast-Paced Environment: Pharmacies can get very busy. For those who go to pharmacy school, NYC is a place where many people come and go every day. Balancing your duties and staying focused despite abundant stimuli are absolutely essential.

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