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Our next Bartending WEEKDAY FULL TIME Class begins on 4/1.

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Welcome to the ABC Training Center Bartending School, home of one of the most established and well-respected bartending schools in New York City. We are proud to have trained countless bartenders who have gone on to work all over New York and beyond. Our graduates work in bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, lounges, hotels – anywhere alcohol is served. The point is: our grads work! ABC Training Center will arm you with all of the skills that you’ll need to make the most of this in-demand career. Don’t waste money trying to get a “bartending license” from a fly-by-night NYC school at an exorbitant cost. We’re the real thing, and we’re here to help you become one of the best bartenders in NYC.

Why take your bartending classes at ABC Training Center? Easy. Our formula for success is simple, you can check out our entire article regarding bartending courses but to summarize we offer:

  • complete 40 hours hands-on bartending classes
  • brand-new, modern facilities and equipment
  • flexibility – day, night, and weekend schedules
  • real training at real bars
  • friendly, professional instructors with many years of experience
  • a modern and practical curriculum

All at a location that is minutes from Manhattan.

Our approach is simple, practical, and effective. At our bartending school in the Bronx you’ll be guided by some of the top mixology professionals in the business. Bartending training classes at ABC Training Center in NYC include everything you need to know about becoming a bartender, including bar set-up and breakdown, equipment/tools/supplies, speed bartending and multiple drink preparation, pouring and measuring accuracy, cash register and money handling, on-site practice, customer service, job search seminar, and so much more. Don’t worry. By the time you finish with us, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve learned. You’ll be ready. You’ll be a bartender. Check out our Job Outlook profile for Bartenders!


Go ahead and compare—we are proud to say that no other authentic bartending school in NYC can offer the value that ABC Training Center can. And that’s because we provide excellent mixology training for the lowest tuition for bartending courses in NYC – only $199. Just compare that to other schools such as:

Authentic Bartending School:         $595

New York Bartending School:         $695

American Bartending School:         $895

“Other” ABC Bartending School:     $395 (National chain/Not affiliated with us)

ABC TRAINING CENTER                 $199

So shop around and see for yourself the value that we offer. Then call us. We’ll have your spot ready and waiting for you.

• Total of 40 classroom hours •


ABC Training Center is licensed by the New York State Department of Education.

You must be at least 18 years of age to serve alcohol in New York State.


MetroDavid Herwitz

Instructor David Herwitz on how to make a living as a bartender.

David Herwitz is one of the most popular, experienced and knowledgeable bartending instructors in New York City.  For more than 20 years, he earned a living exclusively behind the bar, everywhere from local pubs to two-star restaurants. Today, he is the director of a bartender training program at ABC Training Center in the Bronx.

Why is bartending a great skill to have?

“Bartending is a job that’s always readily available, even in an economy like this one. Bartenders are transient — a lot of actors, singers and writers. So the jobs turn over constantly; the need is great, and a good bartender can work as much as he or she wants. And the money’s good. For me, I made more than I did in the white-collar sector.”

How do you know if this is right for you?

“Having an excellent short term memory is helpful. You want to have a certain amount of coordination with your feet and hands. But, remember, what a lot of people think is speed is actually good pre-shift preparation–the bartender got there early, made sure everything was just where he would need it.  It’s preparation and repetition. But if you have a confident personality, the technical part can be learned. I see schools where students are taught to race through an arbitrary number of drink preparations in a specific time period with a stopwatch, which is ridiculous.  You can’t teach a bartender to be fast by doing that.  The right way to teach speed is to teach the correct procedures, and have the student do them the right way–over and over and over again.”

What should a student look for in a bartenders training program?

“A lot of schools will posture and kind of insinuate that they’re selling you a license. In New York State there’s no such thing as a license to be a bartender. Bars are licensed, not bartenders. A lot of the schools are locked into a pre-approved, Department of Education curriculum. I mean, according to that, you’ve got to teach how to make a Grasshopper. Nobody orders that these days.  There are schools out there that teach a bizarre, “bartender school” style of bartending that is instantly recognizable to people that hire bartenders, and generally disdained by them.  My school is licensed by the Education Department too–but I wrote a MODERN, PRACTICAL curriculum and got it approved.  It’s very detailed and thorough.   So you should make sure you’re going to get experience in specific situations, not just recipes.  You don’t want a school where the teacher simply recites out-dated drink recipes,the students write them down, and that’s it.  There’s a LOT more to the job than that!  The program should prepare students to be flexible  and confident in every situation.  I make sure to get students behind a real bar, serving real alcohol, for real money, to real customers.”

Want to know what a day in the life of a bartender looks like? Find out here.

Weekday Schedule (2 weeks)

Day Morning OR Evening
Monday through Friday 10 am – 2 pm OR 6 pm – 10 pm

Weekday FullTime Schedule ( 1 week)

Day Full Time
Monday through Friday 10 am – 6 pm

Weekend Schedule (3 weekends)

 Day                                 Time                   
 Saturday & Sunday  10 am – 5 pm

Weekday Evening Spanish Schedule (2 weeks) 

Day Evening
Monday through Friday 6pm – 10 pm


Listen to what our grads have to say

Thanks, ABC!  All the training I got here was worth it!  I’m working at the Blue Lagoon here in the Bronx.  My first job, and it was EASY with everything I learned from you!  The preparation I got was the BEST!


Shaniqua Daley

I have recently completed the bartending course with Tina Brulport. Tina is a knowledgeable and informative instructor and it was an absolute pleasure being in her class. Thank you.

Gianni Holmström

ABC Training Center’s Bartending class is definitely the main reason why I was able to find a job so quickly.  Their experienced instructors and informative notes made the course a lot of fun while properly preparing me to get a job right away!


Natalia Caballero

I shopped around and ABC Training Center in the Bronx offered the best bartending classes in NY for my money.  They provided excellent training and helped me find a job.
Chloe Arriaga

I attended Tina’s bartending class from 10-. I loved her class she gave me the basic rules on what to do and not to do. I appreciate it so much and this experience was worth so much more than what I paid for. Never did I think that I could be a bartender but I am now confident. In other words I would not take back the experience, and the wisdom that you and Tina taught my fellow classmates and me.

Genesis Fanini

I took the bartending class and at first I was skeptical because of the price. Other known schools were much more expensive, but I took the chance because it was local and the previous reviews sounded promising. I’m so glad I took the chance because the school is amazing and the teachers are amazing.

Elda P.

I couldn’t believe that for only $199, I could attend one of the best bartending classes in New York City! I learned so much from there. I felt prepared and landed a job in no time at all.

Jason Hernandez

I want to comment on the way the curriculum was set up.  It was set up to help us understand the fundamentals of bartending.  I’ve learned the most important thing about being a bartender is not about how fast you work because sure everyone loves a fast and fun bartender but this class teaches you how to sell and keep your customers coming back.  It is about learning to multi-task, using your creativity, and being a good sales person, speed will come on its own.  In order to learn all this you must start off learning the basics and focus on the important stuff and build from there.  Repetition is key to being a great fast working bartender.  Thanks Dave and Tina and Duval for spreading your knowledge!!


“ABC school in the Bronx has the best bartending training in New York City!”


Classes can be booked for large groups or companies with your own separate classroom. Contact us for more information.

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