Five Questions to Ask When Picking a Medical Career Training School in New York

by Dave Herwitz, Director of Admissions, ABC Training Center

Choices.  Life is full of them.  Whether you’re buying a new car or a cheeseburger, the possibilities are always seemingly endless.  Same holds true for career training programs in New York City.  There are definitely many choices and you want to be very careful in choosing where to complete your medical career training.  So while you search for a school to prepare you for your career, your search should start with these five important questions:

Question 1: How long have you been in business? We’re talking about your training and ultimately your career here.  It’s not a one-time frivolous purchase.  Now I know there are some good programs that have come on the scene in recent years but those are the exception and not the rule.  You definitely want a medical career training school that’s been around for a good number of years.  It means that they have solid history of educating and training students based on tried and true methods

Question 2: Where do your graduates work? One thing is to graduate and have a fancy certificate saying so.  It’s another thing to wake up every morning knowing that you have a good, stable job to go to.  Look at a school’s site or simply ask them for info on where some recent grads have gone on to work.  Hopefully the list impresses you.

Question 3:  Are you licensed by the New York State Department of Education? Important question.  Why?  Because you want a program that adheres to the stringent guidelines that are put forth by the state of New York.  This includes coursework as well as facilities.  Additionally, the state regulates enrollment agreement contracts and approves/licenses instructors and school directors.  It also inspects all classrooms, equipment and record-keeping on an ongoing basis to ensure that certifications issued by a school are legitimate and recognized by the professional licensing bodies.  A lot of programs that are available will fail to mention that they are not licensed by the state.  Make sure you find out this crucial piece of info before proceeding.

Question 4: Will you help me get a job? What kind of career services are there for current students and recent grads?  Will a school put you in front of recruiters and other hiring personnel?  Or will you be left to navigate the job process on your own.  A medical career training school with excellent job placement services will always serve its students better than a school with sub-par career services.

Question 5:  How much does it cost? Sounds simple enough right?  I want to take a class to become a Home Health Aide so how much can I expect to pay.  You’d be surprised at how many schools do not publish their tuition online or even tell you on the phone.  This shouldn’t be a secret.  There’s a cost and every prospective student should know what a program costs up front.  If an admissions person’s response to the cost question is simply – “it depends” – without further elaboration or if you have to “come in for a visit” then it’s time to look elsewhere.

So there you have it.  And while there are many other questions you should be asking when picking a school, these 5 questions should be at the top of your list in helping you in determine the next phase of your career.  Good luck!

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