2 Great Bronx Traditions

by Dave Herwitz, Director of Admissions, ABC Training Center

Well here we are in mid-April.  The weather is getting warmer (thank heavens), the days are getting longer and just a few subway stops away on the 4 train, the most successful team in all of sports is doing its thing again.  That’s right, the New York Yankees are back in action powering their way atop the American League.  So that got me to thinking about all of the similarities and differences between the New York Yankees and ABC Training Center – 2 great NYC  winning traditions, Bronx style.  A sort of Tale of the Tape, if you will.  Drum roll please…


NY Yankees
ABC Training Center
Established 1903 1972
# 4 Train Stop 161st Street Fordham Road
Uniform Pinstripes Scrubs
Biggest Star A Rod
A Students
Annual Ritual World Series in Oct. Graduation in June
Popular Promotion Bat Day Free Book Bag
Price/Length Expensive/Long Games Low-Cost Tuition/Fast Training
Rookies Train At Scranton Wilkes-Barre Jewish Home & Hosp. Nursing Home
Bottle of Water $5 from Vendors $1 from Bush
Sworn Enemy Boston Red Sox Unemployment
Frequent Procedure MRIs for Yankees
EKGs for Patients
Nickname Bronx Bombers A Better Career
Venue Overcrowded Stadium Intimate, Uncrowded Classrooms
Licensed By Major League Baseball NY State Dept. of Education
2nd Home Tampa, FL Morris Avenue
Key Pitching Stat E.R.A C.N.A.s Enrolled
Fans Favorite Chant “Let’s Go Yankees!” “Thank You ABC!”
Reputation Winners Winners

















Play Ball.

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