What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

If you’re looking for a rewarding new career, pharmacy technician is a good option. An integral part of any pharmacy team, pharmacy technicians do important work, helping people and working with their hands. They work in a rapidly growing field, with a lot of advancement opportunities, but what do pharmacy technicians actually do?

  • They work under the supervision of a pharmacist. In this capacity, pharmacy techs supply both prescription and over the counter medications to patients, providing information to patients as well as healthcare professionals. They also assemble the medications needed for prescriptions.
  • They organize and manage. Pharmacy technicians manage areas of medicine supply, like dispensaries, and they may supervise other pharmacy staff. Sometimes, pharmacy technicians produce medicines, either in hospitals or for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • They work in many different environments. You can find pharmacy technicians in community or retail pharmacies, or in hospital pharmacies. They also work in the pharmaceutical industry, in pharmaceutical production and sales. Additionally, pharmacy technicians work in prisons, primary care facilities, the military, veterinary pharmacy, and pharmacy organizations.
  • They help people. Being a pharmacy technician is extremely rewarding, in part because it allows people to work in the medical field without being involved in the clinical side of the work. There’s great job satisfaction in helping people get the medicine they need, and the working conditions are pleasant.

There are many good job opportunities in the pharmacy tech field, both for full and part-time work. Pharmacy technicians who have been formally trained or have prior experience are in demand, and this demand is only expected to rise. Being a pharmacy technician is rewarding in and of itself, but it can also be the first step toward becoming a licensed pharmacist.

Being a pharmacy technician can be demanding. The hours are the same hours that pharmacists work, and may include evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Some facilities are open 24 hours a day, and this can add up to long hours. As a technician’s seniority increases, though, there’s greater flexibility and control over the schedule. There are also many opportunities available for part-time work, whether in retail or hospital settings.

If you’re interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, the training is neither long nor arduous. In fact, you can typically complete the training in two months or less. After that, you can complete an exam for a national certification.

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