Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Healthcare

If you’re considering a career change, the things you need to think about may seem overwhelming. You’ll want to find a field with potential for advancement, of course, and one with plenty of opportunity for employment. You’ll also want to look for a job that suits your particular skill set, requires a level of education with which you’re comfortable, and will maintain your interest in the long run. Then, too, you’ll want to consider what you really hope to gain out of this switch. Are you looking for a better salary, more meaningful work, an opportunity to help people? It’s possible that you can achieve all of these objectives by pursuing a career in healthcare.

  • Healthcare continues to be a growth field. A large portion of the population is reaching their older years and will need increasingly more health care as time goes by. What’s more, new technologies and discoveries continue to create new opportunities in the healthcare field. Healthcare occupations are projected to grow by 18 percent between 2016 and 2026.
  • Many healthcare professions offer competitive salaries. Healthcare careers are among the highest paying careers, with the high demand for workers leading to lucrative positions. Of course, the more training and education a person has, the better the opportunities, but even the salaries of lower level healthcare jobs compare favorably to other industries.
  • The work environment can be exciting. The work is often fast-paced and challenging, providing opportunities to work with patients from all walks of life, in a wide range of situations.
  • Jobs in healthcare often have flexible options. Many healthcare jobs offer flexible scheduling. Some, like billing and coding, even afford workers the opportunity to work remotely, from home.
  • There’s high job satisfaction in knowing you’re helping people. It’s deeply gratifying to earn a living by helping others, and research shows that healthcare workers tend to be satisfied with their career choices. Whether you’re saving lives, helping people recover from traumatic events, or simply providing companionship for someone who needs it, you have the opportunity to make a difference.
  • The healthcare industry offers jobs for all levels of education. While doctors and nurses have to make a major investment of time and money in their education, there are many different healthcare positions that require significantly less education. Research careers that you find interesting, and you may be surprised at how quickly you can become certified in those fields.

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