What Kind of Job Can you get with a Patient Care Technician Certification?

If you’ve been researching jobs in the healthcare industry, you may have some questions about certain certifications. Becoming certified as a pharmacy technician or medical coder, for instance, is fairly self-explanatory, and you can probably figure out quickly what those jobs would entail. A patient care technician certification may not be quite as clear. What kind of job does that certification afford you? Actually, there are actually many jobs available to those with a patient care technician certification.

Patient care technicians work with patients of all ages and backgrounds, in settings as varied as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and long-term healthcare facilities. Most of the time, patient care technicians work full-time, and often have 8-12 hour shifts, sometimes including night and weekend work. On the other hand, patient care technicians who work in a private practice may have a steadier, 9-5 schedule. Some of the jobs available in this field include:

  • Monitor/Telemetry Technician: Also known as monitoring technicians or electrocardiograph technicians, telemetry technicians are trained to recognize heart rhythms and assist cardiologists.
  • Hospital PCT: These technicians work closely with patients, in conjunction with nurses, and are sometimes called nursing assistants.
  • Dialysis Technician: Responsible for operating dialysis machines and monitoring patients, they help patients who are undergoing a medical procedure to remove waste from their blood and excess fluids from their bodies.
  • Emergency Room Technician: Being an emergency room technician puts you in the middle of a fast paced environment, working under the direction of a registered nurse to provide emergency care to patients.
  • Rehabilitation or Behavioral Technician: These technicians help doctors and nurses care for patients with behavioral issues like substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, physical or emotional abuse, or mental instability.

Interestingly, patient care technician certification is not difficult or expensive to achieve. In fact, you can complete the coursework to prepare you for this certification in as little as eight weeks. It’s less expensive than you might think, too, and there are often flexible payment options available.

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