Can I Afford to Change to a Healthcare Career?

When it comes to changing careers, the prospect can seem daunting. Especially if you have a full-time job and a family, the idea of going back to school while you’re working can feel overwhelming, and you might not know whether you’ll be able to manage the increased workload. At the same time, education can come with a healthy price tag, so you may not know if you can financially handle the necessary training for your intended career. If you’re considering a healthcare career, though, there are some options available that may be too good to pass up.

How much time does it really take to pursue a career in the healthcare industry? The answer depends on which kind of career path you intend to take. Of course, doctors spend a lot of time in school, and the training for nurses is quite extensive as well. However, there are many healthcare careers that don’t require very much training time. These include:

  • Medical billing and coding: Two months or less, and then the exam to become certified nationally.
  • Certified nurse aide: Two months or less, plus 30 hours of clinical assignment, and a state board certification exam.
  • Medical assistant: Six months or less, plus a four-week
  • EKG and Phlebotomy technician: One to two months, plus a national certification
  • Home health aide: As little as three weeks.
  • Patient care technician: As little as eight weeks.
  • Pharmacy technician: One to two months.

Once you’ve completed the training and necessary certification, you will probably not find it hard to find a job in the healthcare industry. Particularly as a large percentage of the population is elderly, there’s an ever-increasing demand for healthcare workers. Training for these jobs tends to be very reasonably priced, and the salaries that certified healthcare workers receive tend to be competitive. You might very well ask yourself, can you afford not to consider a shift to a healthcare career?

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