Do I Have What it takes for a Career in the Health Care Industry?

There are plenty of reasons a career in the health care industry may seem appealing to you. It’s a growth industry, with rewarding jobs that often have flexible scheduling options. Salaries for healthcare jobs are competitive, and there are positions available at virtually every level of education. Before you decide to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, however, it’s important to determine whether the job you’re considering is a good fit for your personality and skill set.

While you’re researching healthcare jobs, here are a few questions to ask about yourself:

  • Are you interested in helping others? For some people, job satisfaction comes from knowing they’ve made a difference in the world and made someone’s life better. Other people have different priorities, and just want a job that allows them to leave work at the office and bring home a paycheck. Those in the healthcare industry must devote their time to helping other people, so if that sounds draining or uninteresting to you, a healthcare job might not be a good fit.
  • Do you have interpersonal and communication skills? If you’re not a “people person,” you may struggle in the healthcare industry. You need to know how to communicate with a wide range of people, using active listening and communicating in a way that builds trust and confidence.
  • Are you comfortable with math and technology? Many healthcare jobs require strong math and technical skills. As the use of technology increases in our society, it also becomes increasingly important in healthcare professions.
  • Are you responsible? Working in the healthcare industry, you’re responsible for people’s health and sometimes even lives. You may be required to work long shifts and manage multiple patients at once, so it’s important to have good organizational and time-management skills. You will also need to have a strong attention to detail, and the ability to handle the pressure of big responsibilities.
  • Do you like to learn new things? The healthcare field is constantly evolving, and those who are the most successful are the people who are committed to lifelong learning.
  • What is your passion? If you’re passionate about improving people’s lives and ready to dedicate your life to the service of others, a healthcare career may be a good fit for you. Think about what, specifically, moves you. It’s very possible that there is a healthcare career that would allow you to work in that area.
  • What’s your ideal work environment? The healthcare industry provides a variety of work environments, from private practice settings to hospitals to nursing homes and more. If you’re interested in healthcare, it’s a good idea to look into different career paths in the field, to see which one is the right fit for you.
  • How will changing to a new career impact your life? Are you ready to make the leap? How will it affect your family? Is your living situation flexible enough to allow you to get the training you need? Would a new career mean you’d need to relocate? Think carefully before deciding to pursue a new career, making sure it’s a good fit with the rest of your life.
  • How much money and time do you have to commit to education? You may want to work in the healthcare industry, but feel daunted by the significant commitment of time and money you’d need to invest to be a doctor or nurse. However, there are many other options available, which might be easier to fit into your budget and timeline.

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