How Quickly can you Shift to a Medical Career?

Are you professionally satisfied? Is your job rewarding and lucrative, or is it time to make a change? If you’ve decided to change careers, a medical career may be the way to go. Medical careers are personally rewarding and provide job security and a sense of satisfaction. Some people may stay in unrewarding careers even if they’re interested in a job in medicine because they’re intimidated by the time and money they’d have to invest to make a change. However, it might not take as long as you think to shift to a medical career.

Of course, different careers have different requirements. Becoming a doctor takes many years of education, and becoming a registered nurse can be daunting as well. However, there are many rewarding careers in the medical field that require far less time and money.

  • You can become a patient care technician in as little as four to eight weeks. Patient care technicians work in a variety of different medical facilities, working with patients, technology, and other medical professionals. Working in the high-paced environment of the emergency room, providing dialysis care for patients, or supporting other medical professionals with work done to help rehabilitate patients with behavioral issues, PCTs perform vital and rewarding work.
  • A home health aide can become certified in as little as three weeks. As a home health aide, you’ll help people of all ages, in a rewarding career that’s in high demand. Home health aides work in people’s homes and residential care facilities, doing varied work with a great deal of flexibility. While some choose to remain in the role of home health aide, there’s also the opportunity to continue your education, levying the skills you’ve developed in this career into another medical profession.
  • If you want to be a certified professional coder, it will take you about sixteen weeks. Medical coding is an industry that’s growing rapidly because an increasing number of medical procedures and tests are now analyzed by health insurance companies, courts, consumers, and regulators. There will always be a need for well-trained medical coders as long as regulations for commercial and government payers continue to be complicated.
  • To be a certified nurse’s aide, you’ll need to put in eight weeks. Once you’ve become a nurse’s aide, you’ll provide hands-on care to patients, from daily activities like hygiene tasks, help with changing position or eating, and rides to appointments, to monitoring recording vital signs, to handling patient problems and issues, to working with medical technology.
  • The coursework that certifies you to be an EKG/Phlebotomy technician can be completed in four to eight weeks. This starts you in a career that is in high demand, working with patients and running diagnostic tests. Whether drawing blood or working with high-tech equipment, EKG/Phlebotomy technicians are an important part of any medical team.

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