Why Nurses Do what They Do

Being a nurse is a hard job. Sometimes it’s tedious and it’s not very glamorous. There’s a lot of difficult, dirty work involved, and a fair amount of emotional and psychological stress. Sometimes the job is tedious, and nurses often end their days exhausted mentally and physically. It can often even seem thankless. So why do nurses do what they do? How can a job like that possibly be rewarding? We gathered some answers from people working in the nursing field, and what they had to say might surprise you.

  • Many nurses say it’s the relationships that make the job worthwhile. They appreciate the opportunity to build trust with their patients and develop a good rapport. What’s more, nurses often get to meet interesting people, as they take the time to learn about their patients and listen to the stories of their lives.
  • It’s being able to make a difference in people’s lives. There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from helping others. In fact, nurses often say that they don’t consider their work as a profession so much as a calling. They’re able to bring comfort to people and provide emotional support, and that kind of work offers them the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • It’s being there for people at the most important times. Nurses sometimes get the thrill of helping people achieve their goals. In other situations, nurses are there for their patients and the families of their patients through the lowest times in their lives. Being there through loss and hardship offers nurses a special opportunity to connect with other people in a truly meaningful way.
  • Aside from the more ethereal benefits, nursing is a career with potential. In fact, it’s a profession with nearly unlimited growth potential. As the population ages, the healthcare industry is booming, and nurses are an essential and irreplaceable part of the healthcare system. What’s more, there is an amazing opportunity for advancement in nursing, because, with continued education and experience, you can continue to rise to higher positions.
  • Nursing offers people the opportunity for a diverse and flexible career. Nurses don’t just work in hospitals. There are nurses in doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, assisted-living facilities, schools, and more. Some nurses work in people’s homes, and some offer hospice care. For someone who trains to be a nurse, a world of possibility awaits.

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