Is Medical Coding the Right Profession for You?

Medical coding is a promising field, with great potential for the future. In fact, it’s expected that medical coding jobs will see an 11 percent growth rate between now and 2028, which is well above average. Medical coding jobs offer a flexible work environment with low overhead, and there are even freelance opportunities for medical coding professionals. What’s more, when you work as a medical coder, you have the ability to work in the medical profession without the physical work of caring for patients.

Medical coding jobs are appealing, but it’s important to determine whether medical coding is right for you before you decide to pursue a career in that field. In addition to knowing how to code, medical coders need many other skills.

  • Attention to detail is necessary for a medical coder. There’s no room for error in coding or submitting billing information: even small mistakes can create serious problems for patients and insurance companies. Medical coders have to have clarity of mind and the ability to concentrate to make sure each detail is accurate.
  • Medical coders must use discretion regarding sensitive information. Working in a medical coding position entails handling sensitive patient information, and it’s vital that these details remain confidential. Sharing information with anyone can open a medical coder to a lawsuit, so it’s important to be discreet, even when speaking to coworkers or requesting support from medical staff.
  • Office skills, including computer skills, are important in medical coding. Medical coding involves computers, so a career in this field requires understanding basic word processing and spreadsheet software. If you work as a medical coder, you must also work with electronic health records and medical and coding software, and quickly picking up new computer skills will make you a valuable asset to any medical team. Even remote positions require office skills, because you must communicate effectively with other people on your team, while staying organized and working quickly.
  • Organizational skills are a must if you want to work as a medical coder. Medical coders must work on many cases at once, handling the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Medical coders must have a general understanding of medical terminology and basic knowledge of human physiology. Medical coding involves converting medical terminology into codes, so it’s important to have a basic knowledge of anatomy and simple procedures.
  • Writing skills are important for those in medical coding. Expressing yourself clearly eliminates confusion in your reports.

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