The Latest News About Healthcare Jobs

It’s long been known that healthcare professions are booming. As the population ages, these jobs are ever more in demand, and the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics backs this up. Growing faster than the average occupational field, healthcare jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities for people to build successful careers while providing care to people who need it.

According to a report that came out in September of 2019, healthcare will continue its current trajectory for quite a while. This makes sense because, despite their dwindling numbers, Baby Boomers are still neck and neck with Millennials in the race for largest percentage of the population. They’ll continue to be a major force for several more years to come, particularly as advancements in healthcare continue to allow people to live longer.

Because of this large elderly population in the United States, the healthcare industry is projected to have an employment growth rate of about 14 percent between 2018 and 2028. This is much faster than the average for all occupations, which experts project will grow at a rate of only 5.2 percent. Compare that to more than 36 percent growth rate for home health aides, or more than 22 percent for medical assistants, and it becomes clear why healthcare professions are a good bet for those looking to build a career. All in all, about 1.9 million healthcare jobs will be added to the healthcare industry over the next decade, more than any other occupational group.

Perhaps the best news is that many of these quickly growing career fields require only a small investment of time and money. It’s possible to become a home health aide, for instance, in as little as three weeks. Medical assistant classes can be completed in a mere twelve weeks, and you can become a pharmacy technician in just four weeks. These careers, despite the short amount of time needed to begin them, typically provide competitive wages and good benefits, and can offer advancement opportunities in the healthcare industry, when further certification and education is pursued and achieved. What’s more, when you choose a career in the healthcare industry, you get the job satisfaction that comes with knowing you’re doing worthwhile work that improves people’s lives.

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