Spotlight on Pharmacy Technicians

Did you know that you can become a pharmacy technician in as little as four weeks? This is great news, because pharmacy technician jobs have a great outlook: they’re predicted to grow by seven percent by 2028. What’s more, working as a pharmacy technician offers flexibility in finding the right work environment, and pays competitive wages.

So what, exactly, does a pharmacy technician do? As you might expect, pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists. They help keep the pharmacy running smoothly by performing a variety of administrative tasks, organizing, stocking shelves, performing inventory, and more. Pharmacy technicians measure and mix medications, call doctors for authorization for prescriptions, and often package and label medications. They receive written prescriptions and make sure they’re accurate, and they sometimes process medical insurance forms. Some pharmacy technicians assist in managing investigational drug studies. It’s important for pharmacy technicians to be comfortable working with technology, because they’ll need to use it to help maintain accurate patient records, prepare and package medications, keep track of inventory, and place orders.

Pharmacy technicians work in a variety of environments. Most of them work in pharmacies or drug stores, but others find work at hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. Some pharmacy technicians enjoy the predictable hours of a grocery store or drug store, while others are willing to work irregular schedules, sometimes at 24-hour pharmacies. Some environments, like assisted care facilities, allow pharmacy technicians the opportunity to work one on one with patients. Other environments, like a pharmacy at the local drug store or grocery store, offer a more fast-paced job. Some pharmacy technicians work with mail-order pharmacies, in an environment that’s fairly solitary and offers flexible working hours.

For some people, the best thing about being a pharmacy technician is that it allows them to help others. What’s more, pharmacy technicians help people without performing any sort of clinical work. Pharmacy technicians are often “the face” of the pharmacy, responsible for greeting customers and answering any questions they may have. They offer customers basic information about the medications they’ve been prescribed and make sure they understand how to take their medication. Pharmacy technicians need a strong eye for detail, but they also need good customer service skills. They also need to know how to run a cash register and be able to keep things tidy in a busy pharmacy.

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